Agile/Scrum Quiz 21 November 2017 Becky and her agile team have just performed decomposition on several user stories and wants to prioritize them. What common technique might she and her team use to prioritize the user stories? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 20 November 2017 Select a method used in agile for the purpose of prioritization. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 17 November 2017 During the daily scrum, Joseph, the scrum master, notices that several team members are holding disruptive side conversations. What should Joseph do? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 16 November 2017 For a new agile project team, what is a good next step for building a high performance team? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 15 November 2017 How might an agile team continuously improve? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 14 November 2017 Calculate the return on investment of the following: Gain: $30,000; Cost: $10,000. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 13 November 2017 As project manager, David needs to facilitate a release plan meeting. What should David share and discuss in detail with the project team? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 10 November 2017 What technique can an agile project manager use for planning in complex projects? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 09 November 2017 In general, how can story points and value points be considered? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 08 November 2017 As a developer on the agile team, Greg is beginning development on a task. Greg is at the task board and must place the task card in the correct column of the task board to update everyone of its status. In which column should Greg place the task card? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 07 November 2017 What is the first step agile team’s take during iteration planning? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 06 November 2017 In the agile framework, what is blitz planning? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 03 November 2017 Which team member should lead or facilitate the sprint review? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 02 November 2017 What is one type of information radiator that a scrum master uses to track and monitor team progress? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 01 November 2017 What two artifacts are available to agile practitioners to summarize a release plan? Answer