Agile/Scrum Quiz 15 May 2017 Patty is reviewing an agile artifact that serves as a high level overview of the product requirements and when certain features are expected to be completed. What artifact is Patty most likely looking reviewing? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 12 May 2017 When drafting a persona for agile modeling, which detail is the most important to include? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 11 May 2017 Select the correct ending to the sentence. When estimating relative work effort in the agile methodology, ideal days are estimated for Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 10 May 2017 Select a technique that promotes agile ‘knowledge sharing.’ Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 09 May 2017 As agile team leader, Stacey intends to schedule a brainstorming session to generate ideas that may help solve some of the team’s current issues. Which of the following is NOT a good brainstorming technique that Stacey should use? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 08 May 2017 Select from the following types of contracts, the one most suited for the agile framework. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 05 May 2017 Define velocity as used in agile estimation. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 04 May 2017 An agile team often uses velocity when estimating. What is velocity? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 03 May 2017 Of the following, select the rationale for why an empowered team considered an important team attribute in agile? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 28 April 2017 Which scrum meeting is often timeboxed to four hours? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 27 April 2017 What process, performed frequently, helps ensure high product quality? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 26 April 2017 In agile estimating and planning, what is ‘retained’ revenue? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 25 April 2017 Select from the following a key soft skill negotiation quality. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 24 April 2017 Sarah, as an agile leader, knows that she should practice with an adaptive leadership style. What are the two dimensions Highsmith uses to define adaptive leadership? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 21 April 2017 Of the following, select the best adjective that describes an agile team’s project and quality standards. Answer