Agile/Scrum Quiz 09 November 2017 In general, how can story points and value points be considered? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 08 November 2017 As a developer on the agile team, Greg is beginning development on a task. Greg is at the task board and must place the task card in the correct column of the task board to update everyone of its status. In which column should Greg place the task card? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 07 November 2017 What is the first step agile team’s take during iteration planning? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 06 November 2017 In the agile framework, what is blitz planning? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 03 November 2017 Which team member should lead or facilitate the sprint review? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 02 November 2017 What is one type of information radiator that a scrum master uses to track and monitor team progress? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 01 November 2017 What two artifacts are available to agile practitioners to summarize a release plan? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 31 October 2017 Greg is ready to select another task for execution in the current iteration. He reviews the task and realizes that the estimated time on the task card is most likely too low. What should Greg do? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 30 October 2017 When is acceptance criteria defined by the customer? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 27 October 2017 What does WIP stand for? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 26 October 2017 In scrum a change report is used to document a change in scope. When is a change report typically created? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 25 October 2017 When a user story is estimated to be 0 story points, what does it indicate? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 24 October 2017 If a team has a velocity of 20 story points and there are 83 story points remaining in the backlog and excluding all other potential constraints like increased scope, how many iterations should it take for the project team to complete the remaining story points? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 23 October 2017 How can a team ensure it benefits from osmotic communication? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 19 October 2017 Calculate the Net Present Value of the following investment candidate. The initial investment cost is $1,000. The discount rate is 5%. At the end of year 1, $100 is expected. At the end of year 2, $300 is expected. At the end of year 3, $450 is expected. Answer