Agile/Scrum Quiz 18 October 2017 Becky, as project leader, intends on building a high-performance team. What is a practice or technique she can use to build a high performance team? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 17 October 2017 One level of planning in the agile project management methodology is release panning. Why is release planning important? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 16 October 2017 How might an agile team continuously improve its product? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 13 October 2017 Select an advantage of using an information radiator. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 12 October 2017 Which of the following is NOT a typical grouping of user stories for purposes of organization? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 11 October 2017 How are user stories or features prioritized for development in the agile methodology? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 10 October 2017 What agile artifact outlines the project’s expected rate of return? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 09 October 2017 What is the primary input to Highsmith’s agile project management adapting phase? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 06 October 2017 When is the product roadmap initially created? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 05 October 2017 List the primary steps in the Crystal development process project chartering activity. Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 04 October 2017 Why is an empowered team considered an important team attribute in agile? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 03 October 2017 Bill, as the agile team lead, likes being able to demo the latest iteration of a working product to the customer. His team delivers a demo of the product every two weeks so the customer may provide feedback and perform acceptance. What type of delivery concept provides this type of regular interval feedback that is a cornerstone of agile development? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 02 October 2017 Perry is explaining the MoSCoW technique which is often used in agile to prioritize user stories. What does the C stand for? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 29 September 2017 Becky and her agile team have just performed decomposition on several user stories and wants to prioritize them. What common technique might she and her team use to prioritize the user stories? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 28 September 2017 From the following, select a common agile framework/methodology. Answer