Agile/Scrum Quiz 23 September 2016 eXtreme Programming (XP) teams strive to avoid: Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 22 September 2016 What are three processes used to begin an Agile project? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 21 September 2016 The most appropriate model for a geographically distributed project team is one in which the team is distributed across: Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 20 September 2016 When developing user stories, user expectations are best captured in what form? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 19 September 2016 Risk exposure is the: Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 16 September 2016 During the daily standup meeting, a team member states that an issue has been encountered. This leads to the team members getting into a problem-solving discussion. How should the ScrumMaster respond? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 15 September 2016 Who is responsible for determining the business value of each feature? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 14 September 2016 Who is responsible for making sure that each user story is associated with at least one user role or persona? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 13 September 2016 Estimating costs for an Agile project starts with which of the following types of meetings? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 12 September 2016 The cost estimation techniques used on Agile projects are: Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 9 September 2016 A “Scrum of Scrums” meeting is: Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 8 September 2016 A development team has finished identifying the tasks they will be accountable for during the next sprint. Which of the following tools best provides transparency into the progress throughout the sprint? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 7 September 2016 At a strategic level, what is the most appropriate way for an Agile team to estimate a project? Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 6 September 2016 Applying the Pareto rule when prioritizing the Product Backlog means that: Answer

Agile/Scrum Quiz 5 September 2016 What are the primary outputs of a release planning session? Answer