Managing Locally Remote Talent

Historically when project managers have been asked to manage remote resources, it has been part of the team who were in a different office, city or country. Frequently, there were groups who were collocated among themselves but separated from the rest of the team, requiring some creative communication skills from the project manager.

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Practicing Scaled Agile

I've been practicing the scaled Scrum model described in this article for more than a couple of years. My team's transformation to Agile has become the benchmark for Agile practices in my organization.

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Winning the Deal

A key activity in project management is vendor management, and most project management literature provides the client’s perspective about vendor selection and management.

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Does the Team Need Training Wheels?

It has been more than a decade, but I vividly remember when I got my son his first bicycle. I spent more than an hour in the store trying to make sure it was exactly what he wanted. I zeroed in on a silver-framed, single-speed BMX-styled bike with a hand brake for the rear tire. I also walked out the door with a matching helmet and a new set of training wheels. It was a week before his birthday, so I had to keep it hidden until the big reveal with the family.

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Making Sparks Fly

Innovation Isn't Optional; So Don't Wait Until The C-Suite Gets The Message-—Get Started With These Tips - By Andrew Robinson, PMP

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What's in a Product Backlog?

The intents and components of an effective product backlog

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Resist The Rush

How Project Managers Can Ensure Effective Business Analysis, Regardless Of Who Does It - By Mike Liskow, PMP

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Digital Downside

Modern Project Management Tools Shouldn't Replace Face Time - By Derrick A. Richardson, PMP

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Restructured Role

PMO Leaders Shouldn't Fear Agile If They Stay In Tune With The Times By Jesse Fewell, CST, PMI-ACP, PMP, contributing editor

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Competing Interests

Managing A Program Containing A Rival's Project Is A Tricky Balancing Act - By Marat Oyvetsky, PMP

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