Enroll, Payment and Delivery

Step 1: Access stevbros.com

Open this link:
http://www.stevbros.com, then click on Login icon

Step 2: Login

You are highly recommended to register a user on stevbros.com. You can extend enrollment duration easily if you enroll for online courses on stevbros.com with registered user. 

You can register an user on stevbros.com by:

  1. providing information as the form on the right or 
  2. registering with your account on social network (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+) on the left:

Step 3: Choose your courses

Access list of online courses at this link: 
http://stevbros.com/online-classes, then choose the course you want to study, then:

    2. GIVE AS A GIFT to your friend:

Step 4: Make payment

Step 5: Payment options

There are 2 options for you to make payment:

  1. Credit card: With this payment method, you do not need to pay processing fees. Stevbros Training and Consultancy covers processing fee for you.
  2. Paypal: With this payment method, you are expected to pay processing fees. Processing fees are added at the time of purchase where a buyer makes payment by Paypal. These fees cover payment processing and administrative fees of Paypal payment. As of December 2015 the current fees for Paypal payment assessed to the total purchase amount are 5% on purchases.

Step 6: Receive receipt and account (userid)

After completing payment, you will receive receipt and account to start you study immediately.

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