PMI Launches 2 New Pulse In-Depth Reports

Did you know that successful organizations advance their business and achieve maximum value through a shift in thinking...that they manage unexpected roadblocks, risks and market changes more easily when "being agile" becomes part of their philosophy?

These concepts are explored in PMI's 2017 thought leadership, starting with the release of two Pulse in-depth reports:

  • Achieving Greater Agility: The people and process drivers that accelerate results
  • The Drivers of Agility: Engaging people and building processes to accelerate results

And to assure those who know that “agile” and “agility” are not the same thing—you are correct! But what PMI discovered in its research (commissioned from Forrester) is that, just like siblings, each has a singular purpose—but an undeniable relationship. And together, they are often better.

The research purposely looked at both agile and agility, with a goal to understand the capabilities required for each and any interdependencies. PMI undertook this challenge in support of its new brand position to embrace the continuum of approaches to project and value delivery: predictive, agile and hybrid. It wanted to understand how organizations benefit from each approach and how using a more diverse toolkit could impact an enterprise.

But the big takeaway from the research? PMI learned that all project approaches lead to successful outcomes—and that the biggest factor in project success rates is actually an organization's agility level. In fact, those in the research with the highest agility reported project success rates of 71% when using predictive, 68% when using agile and 72% when using hybrid.

For more insight into the role of organizational agility in agile transformation and how organizations invest in critical people and process drivers, please see the Pulse of the Profession® page on


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