Think Differently

Creativity isn’t just a talent you’re born with. Here are four tips to see projects from new angles.

1. DIVERSIFY. Study industries outside your own, and get to know areas of the business you don’t normally work with. “The more exposure you have had to other perspectives within a business, the more likely you are to explore solutions from multiple angles,” says Andy Almenara, manager, project management office (PMO) and operations excellence, Special Broadcasting Service, Sydney, Australia

2. HIT THE BOOKS. “Veteran project managers should sign up for courses on creative and innovative thinking in order to change their perspective on traditional project management,” says Nitin Nandrajog, global strategy, innovation and PMO head, KPMG, New Delhi, India.

3. COLLABORATE. Creative thinkers take advantage of the resources at their disposal, and the most vital resources any project manager has are people. So “leverage the range of subject matter expertise around you in order to derive the best possible outcome,” Mr. Almenara says.

4. DON’T FEAR FAILURE. “Acknowledge that mistakes are going to happen,” says Christopher Burner, chief project officer, Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, Pasadena, California, USA. “Once you’ve given yourself permission to fail, you’ll feel free to try even your most out-there idea.”

Source: PM Network 11/2017 - 2017 PMI PROJECT OF THE YEAR WINNER

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