How to Create a Project Organization Chart

Project organization charts help create buy-in for securing resources, build clarity around who does what on the team, and set expectations for the effort involved from individuals. They are easy to produce and you get to see how the whole team fits together in a glance.

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4 Questions to Ask When You Want to Modify Scrum

I hear it all the time. Whether it is a consulting engagement or in a Professional Scrum Course, the desire to modify Scrum comes up frequently.

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Two-Way Street

Strong partnerships between CIOs and other executives set the stage for successful IT projects. By Andrew Robinson, PMP

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8 Essential Tips for Working with User Stories

User stories are one of the best Agile techniques used to capture a customer’s need and the product functionality. User stories typically follow a simple template: As a [type of user], I want [some goal] so that [some reason].

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What Could Go Wrong?

Improving your organization’s risk management practices is a project in itself. Here’s how to tackle it. By Alexander Strazmesterov, PMP

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Not Too Late

You can return to IT projects—but it’ll take some effort. Also: How a business school graduate can land a project management job.
 By Lindsay Scott

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Time for an Upgrade

Oil and gas organizations in Africa shouldn’t just worry about the project talent gap—they should help fill it. 
By Olusola Olubadejo, PMP

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Team Transformation Model

I propose a team transformation model based on a principle of clear rules and goals. The team goes through the transformation via invitation and ongoing engagement. The transformation can be carried out in two mandatory phases, with an optional third phase. Phases are considered complete based on a set of criteria.

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On Common Ground

Don’t let clashes undermine your project. Build on what team members already share. 
By Karen Smits, PhD

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Coaching Agile Leaders

Coaching Agile leaders is a formidable task, intended to guide individuals and teams toward a culture shift, inclusive of everyone and contributing to a value-driven outcome.

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