2016 Survey Roundup: Trends in IT

Can you believe that more than a year has passed since the last survey roundup? Since the last installment of this annual recap of what IT things are trending and where those trends are likely to be going, much has been happening.

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The Strategic Alignment of the Project Portfolio (Part 2)

Without strategy, execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless.

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Five Critical Roles in Project Management

When you’re managing a project, To meet your project objectives, you need the right people on board—and they must have a clear understanding of their roles. Here’s a breakdown of who does what.

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The Strategic Alignment of the Project Portfolio (Part 1)

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”

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Brainstorming as a Game to Generate Ideas

In this article, I introduce some basic principles to effective brainstorming from the perspective that a brainstorming session can be run as a "game."

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An Invisible Constraint

Don’t overlook the power of organizational culture. Here’s how to nurture a positive environment.

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Playing the Right Leadership Role

It is not unusual for project leaders to fill a variety of leadership roles over the course of the many unique initiatives we take on.

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10 Important Soft Skills for a ScrumMaster Career

You'll need the following soft skills or qualities to make a successful transition to the ScrumMaster role.

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How Effectively Do You Support Change?

Every individual in an organization has to deal with change at some point. Lately it seems that change is coming at us fast and furious! Your ability to support change within the organization is essential to being seen as a leader within the organization; someone who can adapt and is resilient. Supporting change means you see the positive side of change and help others to see the positive side of change too.

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How can you get Team Members “up to speed” quickly?

The project you have been assigned has a short deadline. Given a recent increase in customer complaints over one of the company’s software products, you have been asked to take on a project to correct the problem with the product and release an updated version of the software.

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