A Healthy Backlog

Agile has a concept of waiting until the “last responsible moment” to make a decision. The logic being that by the time the decision must be made, either the answer will have become clearer or more information will have been gathered.

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Spikes in Scrum

There has been a lot of controversy related to spikes in Scrum literature. Though the basic ideas are similar, I’ve seen several different approaches related to details and how a Scrum team should handle spikes. What I am going to share here is what I have experienced, which has provided great results with different projects and teams.

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Sustaining Strategy

We asked the project management community: How do you ensure team members think strategically during all project phases—and speak up if they think the business case has weakened?

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Tricking the System: How to Track Costs for Projects with Internal Resources

When you study for your PMP® certification, it can sometimes get lost that there are a great number of projects initiated every day that will never have a formal budget associated to them. These projects, executed solely by resources internal to the organization, are no less critical to achieving the sponsoring organization’s objectives than the enterprise project requiring millions of dollars in professional services.

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Understanding Expert Judgment

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) uses the concept of “expert judgment” in most of its processes, but only has a relatively brief description of the concept. It describes expert judgment as “judgment based on expertise appropriate for the activity being performed” and advises, “such expertise may be provided by any group or person with specialized education, knowledge, skills, experience or training.”

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3 Tips For Embracing New Ideas

Back in the old days of command-and-control project management, ideas were mostly helpful at the front end of a project: during the planning phase. But as we’ve moved away from command and control into a world of specialization, ideas in projects and project management have taken on an entirely new role.

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Productivity in Agile

Metrics have always been a key element of any project management method. As the industry adoption of Agile principles increased, the metrics themselves and the approach toward them also began to undergo a change. Now in Agile projects, velocity is often looked at as the measure of a team’s progress and hence the most significant or only way to measure productivity. This write-up attempts to explain the reasons why this can go wrong and what some alternatives are to bridge the gap.

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The Brexit Effect

The countdown has begun: On 29 March 2017, the U.K. government triggered the formal process to leave the European Union (EU) within two years. Negotiations began in June, just weeks after an election wiped out Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party parliamentary majority—adding new uncertainty to the Brexit process and its impact on Britain’s projects, programs and portfolios.

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Is Anyone There? Improving Feedback in Sprint Reviews

After experiencing my fair share of frustrating Sprint Review moments, I want to share some tips to improve the feedback you receive.

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A Checklist for Shared Outcomes

I was recently assigned to transform a procurement team into one that managed outsourcing partnerships. I realized the team was very disengaged, leaving the strategy up to me to define. There was no buy-in. The team and the partnerships were sure to fail.

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