Managing Projects: What if the team starts off pessimistic about the project?

Most team members are excited about working on a new project, even if a bit apprehensive. Generally they are excited about the possibilities and start off optimistic. It may certainly be “uninformed optimism” since they may not know enough about what the project entails just yet.

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5 Non-Financial Project Benefits

If your project is generating a ton of revenue and tangible financial benefits, then writing the business case is easy. But how do you justify your project if you aren’t creating an impact on the bottom line? Here are 5 reasons why your project could still be worth it, even if it’s hard to link these benefits directly to cash.

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Are You Ready for Your Next Project?

Before you officially kick off your next project, consider whether you can answer the following questions:

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The Reality Behind a Deadline

A deadline is the project objective defined in terms of time. But on some projects (a lot of them, unfortunately) the delivery date is not necessarily realistic.

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The Impact of Unforeseen Risks

Risk identification is one of the first tasks many project managers tackle when they’re assigned a new project. But identifying risks can’t be a one-time effort.

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6 Coaching Tips for Scrum Masters

Coaching enhances your ability to learn, make changes, and achieve desired goals. Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that enables people to make conscious decisions and empowers them to become leaders in their own lives.

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How To Protect Your Team’s Time

All team members must make—and meet—commitments to keep a project on track. However, it’s the project manager’s job to foster the conditions that will allow the team to deliver on its commitments.

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How Managers Can Make Group Projects More Efficient

As a manager or team leader, how do you reap the benefits of effective collaboration without inviting inefficiencies and messiness?

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Delivering the Wow Factor

Your most recent project came in on time, on budget and within scope—and stakeholders were satisfied. But something still seemed missing—you have a gnawing - notion that your project checked a box instead of changing the world. What else could have been done to elevate outcomes?

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Agile Infusion

We asked the project management community: What steps help facilitate a transition to agile?

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