Agile Transformation: Overcoming Implementation Challenges

All organizations that start with an Agile implementation want to be successful at delivering value to the customer frequently while gaining a competitive advantage. How many of us are really successful at achieving these goals? How many of us who are implementing authentic Agile realize its real benefits?

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Stevbros – The first official Scrum Alliance REP® in Vietnam

Stevbros, known as Stevbros Training and Consultancy, is the global registered education provider of Project Management Institute (Global PMI R.E.P). Having the global education standard, Stevbros is proud of being the first official registered education provider of Scrum Alliance® (Scrum Alliance REP®) in Vietnam.

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Understanding Scrum and Its Benefits

Scrum is a software development framework that is both iterative and Agile. The concept of Agile software development consists of a group of principles required for software development.

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Creating Effective Release Plans

Release plans as road maps for my projects. A release plan is the intersection where vision and strategy meet the work to be delivered, which includes details for when and how.

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Software Testing Automation in an Agile Environment

There is no doubt that software testing automation increases agility. But there is a long process that you have to follow until you can realize the advantages of automation. I will share my experience in tackling software automation processes in our Agile workplace. We learned a lot from our failures with the testing automation work while following Agile processes, and I will discuss the challenges that we encountered. We also improved our practices from the lessons learned.

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Top 5 Ways to Achieve Success with Your Next Project

As a rule of thumb, successful projects are those that are completed on time, within budget and scope, and to the required standards. Project managers usually emphasize proper planning as key to the success of projects. However, there is more to project management than focusing only on the project methodologies.

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Act Now

Don’t wait for permission to use agile approaches - start making changes to how you deliver today.

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On The Rebound

When every other project is a failure, it’s time to go back to square one.

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Know Your Strengths

The corporate context defines the EPMO’s standing in the company. In other words, the EPMO’s reputation hinges on its ability to get things done compared to other departments.

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Rising Stars

These five emerging countries have growing economies - and serious project management opportunities.

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