From Conflict to Confluence

Resolve project flashpoints with an open mind and detached analysis. By Soumya Maitra, PMP

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5 things I learned teaching Scrum to Millennials

I recently had the pleasure of conducting’s Professional Scrum Foundations workshop to a group of students at the nonprofit job-training program, Year Up, in Boston. Teaching this group of millennials -- motivated, talented young adults from low-income background -- was an illuminating experience that ended up teaching me something about being a Scrum trainer as well as the future of software development.

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Emotional Intelligence for Leaders: Leading During Times of Uncertainty

As project managers, a day does not go by without some interaction with your team, your sponsor, or stakeholders of your project. Project managers with high emotional intelligence, or EQ, are more likely to succeed while building great teams. Using the leadership style most appropriate for the situation is putting EQ in action.

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Why Product Owner Needs Power

In Scrum, the Product Owner is an entrepreneur and the mini-CEO of a product, who is able to make fast decisions. The success of the Scrum Team and company as a whole depends on whether the Product Owner is real.

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Elements of Surprise

We asked the project management community: What’s the wildest project surprise you’ve ever had to deal with?

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Evolution of the Product Owner

What is a good Product Owner and am I the right person to fill in this role? If you have ever struggled with this question, you should propably keep reading.

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The 4 Roles You're Confusing with Project Manager

The project manager is expected to be the main point of contact for getting up-to-date information and the latest inputs regarding the initiation, planning, execution, evaluation and closure of a project. And yet the wide role defined for a PM distorts its main goal: to efficiently manage a project through its costs and budget, its scope and quality, its times and deliverables.

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Tips for Playing Planning Poker

Planning Poker® can be confusing to those who are just getting started with it. Here are some tips and hints to help.

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Selecting a Project Management Methodology for Your Organization

Since the signing of the Agile Manifesto in 2001, the rush of many organizations to “become agile” has been reminiscent of the 1849 California gold rush. Sure, there were some who struck it rich, but the vast majority of neophyte miners experienced some level of disappointment in reaching their desired goals.

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Disruptive Pairing

Agile and the internet of things are made for each other.
 By Priya Patra, PMP

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