Measure Of Respect

KPIs That Focus On People Let You Track Overlooked Factors In Successful Projects

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7 Change Management Trends Project Managers Need to Be Aware Of

For most public and private organizations, constant change is the norm. What is new is the increased pace and volume of the changes required to manage their rapidly evolving mandates, stakeholder expectations and operating conditions.

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Take The Plunge

How Freelancers Find Work; Also, Do You Need A Degree To Be A Project Manager?

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The ScrumMaster Personalities

The ScrumMaster role is a complex one. When personalities are at stake, there’s no right or wrong personality generally — but there can be a right or wrong one for the situation. Sometimes a personality rises to better help the team. But be careful: Too many different personalities originating from the same person may confuse the team. Tricky, isn’t it? Let’s examine some personalities that we may find mastering Scrum Teams.

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Bonding Opportunity

We Asked The Project Management Community: How Do You Build A Strong Relationship With Sponsors From The Start?

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What Defines Success?

Project management has never been the kind of discipline that had a simple-to-define, simple-to-achieve definition of success. The success of the project manager has to be linked to the success of the project, but that can’t be a direct and inflexible tie.

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Habits of the Effective Project Manager

Over the years, much has been written about project managers and the skills, experiences, characteristics and aptitudes that make some stand out from the crowd. While one optimal mix of attributes does not transcend every organization any project manager may work in, are there personal behaviors beyond core PM skills of risk, scope and schedule management that further differentiate exceptional PMs?

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The Importance of the Sprint Goal for the Success of Scrum

I have often seen Scrum Teams struggling to come up with a sprint goal during the sprint planning meeting, or they underestimate the importance of having a sprint goal at all. This happens more with teams that are new to Scrum, but it is also the case with experienced Scrum Teams. Multiple factors are behind this anomaly, which is also an antipattern for Scrum Teams.

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The future’s on hold

The future of connectivity isn’t going to be built in a day—or the next couple of years, for that matter. The fifth generation of wireless network technology, or 5G, could deliver data as much as 100 times faster than current rates and provide more coverage, greater bandwidth and cheaper internet prices.

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Managing project managers when adopting Scrum

For the past few years, I’ve being working with a great group of people to implement an Agile project in a non-Agile organization. After much struggle, we secured the sponsorship needed to work as an Agile team that follows the Scrum framework. It is a fantastic journey, full of challenges, victories, and defeats. And it is all worth it.

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