The road now taken

The logistics industry tries to adapt to a digital world. By Fister Gale, Sarah

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Challenges in Daily Stand-up Meetings

In general terms, the Daily Scrum is a short, everyday meeting, ideally held during the start of the workday. Each team member who works toward the completion of a given sprint must participate in this meeting.

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Everything at Once

DevOps is taking off—and for good reason. By Priya Patra, PMP

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Agile By Necessity

We don’t tend to think of Agile as a risk mitigation approach to projects, but in many ways that is what it is — when the solution is unclear, or the requirements are difficult to define at the outset, we reduce the risk of getting those requirements wrong by using an approach that builds flexibility into the process.

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Scope Approvals Don't Have to Be Scary

The enterprise release calendar for an IT company gives a complete view of the release timelines for each IT unit supporting a particular business unit. The release timelines are planned and approved months in advance. Meeting enterprise release milestones is crucial for any project planned to go during a release window. As an IT project manager, you may run into scenarios where these release milestones—such as scope lock, code lock, testing signoffs, etc.—are missed.

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Accountable Teams

If a team is to be empowered correctly, it must also be accountable. Otherwise, the empowerment is impotent and ineffective. Empowerment implies trusting that the work will be done. It also implies that the group is deserving of that trust. But how do we recognize the signs of a team that has taken ownership and become accountable? How do we know they are worthy of trust? Here are some simple signs.

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Surplus of Caution

Cost-conscious practices can build a reserve that staves off late-stage budget overruns. By Sidd Mukherjee, PMP

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Why So Many Companies Struggle with the Scrum Framework

According to the Scrum Guide, “Scrum is lightweight, simple to understand, difficult to master.”

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Government Lessons in People over Process

My first opportunity to create and run a large agile team did not start well. Having had good successes with small-to medium-sized agile teams, I was keen to unleash the benefits on a bigger scale. I was working for IBM at the time and was able to persuade my account manager to pitch the approach on one of our government projects. A clean-sheet development opportunity with a smart team and engaged business group…what could go wrong? As it turns out, plenty due to my ill-advised approach.

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The Sea of Change (Management): Battling Confusion

Most of us would agree that not all penguins are the same. But in the routine of organizations, changes are often treated like they are all the same—it becomes very tempting and easy to address all of them in the same manner.

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