All Online PDUs courses provided by Stevbros align to The PMI Talent Triangle

Your career development is a journey not a destination. You need to set yourself apart and remain relevant in an ever-changing business environment. That’s why employer-relevant skills from the PMI Talent Triangle — leadership and strategic and business management — were incorporated into the CCR program. This ensures you can develop your career in a more consistent, actionable and meaningful way. And, most importantly, position yourself as the answer to what companies demand.

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Project Scope Management

Project Scope Management includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. Managing the project scope is primarily concerned with defining and controlling what is and is not included in the project.

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Project Time Management

Project Time Management includes the processes required to manage the timely completion of the project.

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Project Human Resource Management

Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team. The project team is comprised of the people with assigned roles and responsibilities for completing the project. Project team members may have varied skill sets, may be assigned full or part-time, and may be added or removed from the team as the project progresses. Project team members may also be referred to as the project’s staff. Although specific roles and responsibilities for the project team members are assigned, the involvement of all team members in project planning and decision making is beneficial. Participation of team members during planning adds their expertise to the process and strengthens their commitment to the project.

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Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management includes the processes of conducting risk management planning, identification, analysis, response planning, and controlling risk on a project. The objectives of project risk management are to increase the likelihood and impact of positive events, and decrease the likelihood and impact of negative events in the project.

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Project Integration Management

Project Integration Management includes the processes and activities to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate the various processes and project management activities within the Project Management Process Groups. In the project management context, integration includes characteristics of unification, consolidation, communication, and integrative actions that are crucial to controlled project execution through completion, successfully managing stakeholder expectations, and meeting requirements. Project Integration Management includes making choices about resource allocation, making trade-offs among competing objectives and alternatives, and managing the interdependencies among the project management Knowledge Areas

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0 APR 15 5 reasons you should take PMP® Exam Prep Trip in Saigon Vietnam

Are you a PMP® aspirant? Are you looking for a PMP® Exam Prep PassForSure workshop with a minimum amount of studying? Are you interested in 2in1 trip comprised of 4 days joining PMP® Exam Prep workshop and 5 days discovering Vietnam?

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80% new products fail, 70% of software projects fail due to poor requirements

With all the money and resources invested in new product development, over 80% will fail. 70% of software projects fail due to poor requirements. The estimated rework associated with these failures exceeds 45 billion USD annually

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PMP® is the fourth highest paying for 2015

Project Management Professional (PMP®) - $109,405. The fourth highest paying and the first that is not security related, the PMP certification was created and is administered by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). It is the most recognized project management certification available. There are more than 630,000 PMPs worldwide.

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3 most important things PMP® need from PMP® PDU online course

If you ever wonder why most of PMP®s earn PDUs of Category A to renew their PMP® certificate after every 3 years, the answer is simply that it is the best choice for a busy PMP to keep their certification status in good standing​.

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