The Learning Organization

In his book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge proposes the idea of a learning organization as a firm that facilitates the learning of its associates and continuously transforms itself. The idea embodies itself in the zest to lead organizational change and to overcome learning “disabilities.”

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United Fates

Collaboration isn’t optional. Project managers must navigate a maze of differences to bring the team together.
 By Karen Smits, PhD

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What Makes an Agile Leader?

“What makes an Agile leader?” is the most frequently asked question in my leadership workshops. Although there is lots of research and data available on leadership, there is no clear information on what makes an Agile leader.

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Getting the Most from Lessons Learned

Here's the thing about lessons learned in your projects: You're probably not actually learning them. Personal experiences suggest that most organizations, at best, are identifying them—but is anything actually learned? Is behavior changed, and is that change ingrained into the project environment? Or are the mistakes of the past being repeated time and time again?

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PMI Bundles PMBOK®, Agile Practice Guides

By bundling A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) – Sixth Edition with a new Agile Practice Guide, the Project Management Institute has reinforced its position that industry professionals should consider the full range of project management approaches in determining which method will deliver the best project outcomes. The two guides provide practitioners with critical information spanning many approaches to help industry professionals select the method that is best suited to an individual project.

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The 5 Vital Relationships Every Leader Needs

If you find yourself working harder than ever but not getting the results you want, perhaps more hard work is not the answer. Leaders today need to do more than simply work hard; they need leverage. That leverage comes from building relationships.

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Risk Management in Agile Projects

Agile projects involve a lot of uncertainties, including constantly changing requirements and customer expectations though the project lifecycle. Identifying the right user stories with risks and priorities from the backlog is vital for product launch (minimum viable product). Agile encourages emergent design, so constant technical expertise and engineering practices are the need of the hour.

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Using Agile on Infrastructure Projects

As a consultant helping organizations adopt agile management practices, one question I commonly hear is, “Can agile be used on IT infrastructure projects?"

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Counting on Precision

The decennial U.S. census must be completed on time. Sophisticated schedule management sets the stage for nationwide program execution.
 By Lisa Blumerman

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From Manager to Strategic Leader

Senior leadership at the corporate headquarters of a large retail chain was entertaining succession planning. What started out as an exercise turned into a sweeping new protocol for transitioning managers into leaders. For the organization, it’s vitally important to get this right. Managers sometimes trip on their way up. Senior leaders can mitigate stumbling with an effective strategy.

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