Productivity in Agile

Metrics have always been a key element of any project management method. As the industry adoption of Agile principles increased, the metrics themselves and the approach toward them also began to undergo a change. Now in Agile projects, velocity is often looked at as the measure of a team’s progress and hence the most significant or only way to measure productivity. This write-up attempts to explain the reasons why this can go wrong and what some alternatives are to bridge the gap.

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The Brexit Effect

The countdown has begun: On 29 March 2017, the U.K. government triggered the formal process to leave the European Union (EU) within two years. Negotiations began in June, just weeks after an election wiped out Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party parliamentary majority—adding new uncertainty to the Brexit process and its impact on Britain’s projects, programs and portfolios.

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Is Anyone There? Improving Feedback in Sprint Reviews

After experiencing my fair share of frustrating Sprint Review moments, I want to share some tips to improve the feedback you receive.

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A Checklist for Shared Outcomes

I was recently assigned to transform a procurement team into one that managed outsourcing partnerships. I realized the team was very disengaged, leaving the strategy up to me to define. There was no buy-in. The team and the partnerships were sure to fail.

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Ground Preparation: Closing an External Project

When outsourcing a job to consultants and service providers, I’ve often found that achieving "agreement" with a client that a project is finalized is one of the most delicate times.

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7 Ways to Use Icons in Your Project Communications

How much of the project communications you produce are written? I’d hazard a guess to say most of it. From emails to status reports, town hall presentations to slide decks for team webinars, most of what we churn out as project managers involves a lot of words.

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When Does Agile Expansion Stop?

“We’re so agile, even our traditional projects are adopting agile techniques!” That’s not the punchline of a bad joke; it’s something a rather frustrated project manager said to me a little while ago. He was concerned that his organization was committed to becoming both more “large A” agile in terms of methodology, and more “small a” agile in terms of increases in flexibility and adaptability within the larger project delivery environment. The PM, and his colleagues, were worried there would be no place for them in the organization if it became more agile, and he couldn’t see any indication that agile expansion was slowing down.

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3 Important Skills for Project Managers

You know that PMI has a framework for project management skills, documented in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

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Seven Key Commitments for a Scrum Master to Be a Conscious Leader

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader." - John Q. Adams

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On the Lookout

Cyberattacks. Geopolitical ux. Disruptive tech. Don’t get blindsided. BY SARAH FISTER GALE ILLUSTRATION BY ERIC CHOW

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