The Power of Positive Leadership

What is your management technique? Are you a “spare the rod and spoil the child” type of project manager, or do you have other disciplinary methods you utilize to keep your team in line and meet project time frames?

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PMI Launches 2 New Pulse In-Depth Reports

Did you know that successful organizations advance their business and achieve maximum value through a shift in thinking...that they manage unexpected roadblocks, risks and market changes more easily when "being agile" becomes part of their philosophy?

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PMO Possibilities

How to become a program management office manager, and why switching sectors doesn’t require a pay cut.
 By Lindsay Scott

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PMP Exam Update

As a result of the release of the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition in September 2017, the PMP exam will change 26 March 2018. These updates will ensure the exam content is consistent with the PMBOK® Guide.

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A Systemic View on the Role of the Scrum Master

In this article, I suggest that you take a look at the role of a Scrum Master with a help of causal loop diagrams. They help to see a bigger picture of what is happening over time. Quite often, we observe the cause-and-effect relationships on a short-time horizon period, and do not notice when the links are spaced in time.

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Don’t Waste Knowledge

Done right, knowledge capture and transfer set project teams up for success. Here are six best practices for boosting project outcomes through knowledge management.

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Agile Transformation: Is It a Destination or a Journey?

The IT world is increasingly using Agile to deliver software. Naturally, we are seeing the various organizations that are developing their own versions of project management and implementation, many of them similar to or expansions of Agile. For example, there is the Oracle Application Implementation Methodology, the Siebel eRoadmap, and Project Management Professional. There are SAFe, LeSS, Spotify, and others.

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Cost Estimating: Budget Formation Principles

Are you armed with an accurate budget? This article aims to highlight the main principles of budget estimates for projects, looking at basic principles to help you stay on target.

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From Conflict to Confluence

Resolve project flashpoints with an open mind and detached analysis. By Soumya Maitra, PMP

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5 things I learned teaching Scrum to Millennials

I recently had the pleasure of conducting’s Professional Scrum Foundations workshop to a group of students at the nonprofit job-training program, Year Up, in Boston. Teaching this group of millennials -- motivated, talented young adults from low-income background -- was an illuminating experience that ended up teaching me something about being a Scrum trainer as well as the future of software development.

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