Learning Opportunity

Don’t dread the validation and verification process. Use it to build knowledge. By Edward B. Farkas, PMP

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Everybody Matters

Stakeholders—even the ones you don’t know about—can make or break a project. By Chuck C. Jones Jr., PMP

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Evolution of the Scrum Master

In the last 10 years I have helped a number of organizations to implement Scrum. For a lot of these organizations the Scrum implementation either takes a long time or they never reach the real benefits of Scrum (happy stakeholders & maximum valued products with high quality). There is a close relation between the speed & succes of the Scrum implementation and the maturity of the Scrum Master role.

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The Three Virtues of a Great Team Player

"Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success." - Henry Ford

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How to Grow Your Career with Certifications

Do certifications add value to your career? In some circles, the answer is clear. Each year, organizations such as PMI and Global Knowledge carry out surveys that indicate certain certifications are associated with higher incomes. Does that mean earning a certification will directly impact your income or career prospects?

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5 Tips for Writing Effective User Stories

Here are some tips I’ve found useful for writing an effective user story.

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Meet the Next Messenger

EPMOs can boost their efficiency by using chatbots to automate basic tasks.
By Abid Mustafa

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Strategic Thinking

Many project practitioners are eager to dive into planning. I'd like to share some questions they should consider and fully understand during the initiation and planning phases: How important do you think it is that project managers understand the business case for the project? Or the organization's overall strategic goals? If those elements are unclear, how can they get more information on these topics?

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Your Communication Strategy: The Key to Motivating People

What does a project manager need from team members and stakeholders during a long and difficult project?

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How to Avoid Spillovers

If you've ever wondered what a spillover is, it's a backlog item that doesn't meet the Definition of Done (DoD). If you are a Scrum Team member, product owner, or a stakeholder, spillovers might trouble you in sprint planning meetings. When this happens, you will spend a lot of time discussing the details and planning for these unfinished stories.

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