PMP Quiz 23 October 2017 Effective leadership is one key to successful project management. There are several theories of leadership. One model is Hershey and Blanchard’s situational leadership model that describes directive behavior and supportive behavior. Of the following, which one is NOT a key word for supportive behavior? Answer

PMP Quiz 19 October 2017 Recently, your company introduced a new processing system for its products. You were the project manager for this system and now have been asked to lead a team to implement needed changes to increase efficiency and productivity. To help you analyze the process outputs, you and your team have decided to use which following technique? Answer

PMP Quiz 18 October 2017 All of the following are examples of ways to generate options for mutual gain during negotiations EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 October 2017 To anticipate and help develop approaches to deal with potential quality problems on your project, you want to use a variety of root-cause analysis techniques including all the following approaches EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 October 2017 You are beginning a new project staffed with a virtual team located across five different countries. To help limit conflict and misunderstandings concerning the justification, objectives, and high-level requirements of the project among your team members and their functional managers, you ask the project sponsor to prepare a— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 October 2017 Working in the control procurements process since your project is using five contractors, you need to update a number of organizational process assets. An example is— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 October 2017 Typically, the seller receives formal written notice that the contract has been completed by the— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 October 2017 If you decide to follow an open subordination approach to resolving conflict, you are using which style of conflict resolution? Answer

PMP Quiz 10 October 2017 Your project has a budget of $1.5 million for the first year, $3 million for the second year, $2.2 million for the third year, and $800,000 for the fourth year. Most of the project budget will be spent during— Answer

PMP Quiz 09 October 2017 You are working on a project and want to know how many activities in the previous month were completed with significant variances. You should use a(n)— Answer