PMP Quiz 28 November 2017 It often is advantageous to appoint a termination manager in the closing phase of the project and release the project manager so that he or she is available to work on another project. If this is the case, the termination manager should focus attention on all but which one of the following? Answer

PMP Quiz 27 November 2017 You are the project manager for a major logistics installation project and must obtain specific services from local sources external to your project. Your subcontracts administrator has told you to prepare a product or service description, which is referenced in a— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 November 2017 A watch list of low priority risks is documented in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 November 2017 You are a member of a project selection committee that uses the net present value technique. Using this approach, the project is acceptable if the— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 November 2017 Functional managers play a vital role in ensuring project success. Since most projects operate in a matrix environment, there is shared authority between project managers and functional managers. Functional managers tend to focus on— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 November 2017 To practice effective schedule control, your project team must be alert to any issues that may cause problems in the future. To best accomplish effective schedule control, the team should— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 November 2017 A number of approaches can be helpful when estimating resource requirements for activities on a project. Assume you are managing a project and you have already prepared your WBS. When you decomposed your WBS, it has 45 work packages. You then prepared an activity list. Now, you are preparing your schedule and determining your resource requirements. You found there were about 30 activities that you could not estimate with a reasonable degree of confidence, so you and your team decided to use which one of the following approaches to help with these activity resource estimates: Answer

PMP Quiz 17 November 2017 You are in the early stages of a project to manufacture disposable medical devices. You need a number of engineers including ones with specialties in mechanical, environmental, and systems engineering. In the early stages of this project, your resource pool includes a large number of both junior and senior engineers in the various specialty areas. However, as the project progresses— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 November 2017 Assume you are working as the project manager on the first project in your company to use the critical chain approach to scheduling. You are a PMP® and also are certified in critical chain. You are getting ready for a performance review with your Governance Board, and you can expect they will ask questions about— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 November 2017 The nature of project work is such that it inevitably causes stress. Project managers thus need to learn how to cope with and manage stress and understand what stress is and why it is created. Project managers need to note that it can be a positive experience depending on how people perceive stress and should work to mentor team members accordingly. As you strive to become more aware of stress, which one of the following is NOT considered a stress-creating factor that is related to the project environment? Answer

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