PMP Quiz 1 March 2017 What doctrine causes a party to relinquish rights under a contract because it knowingly fails to execute those rights? Answer

PMP Quiz 28 February 2017 You are the project manager for the construction of an incinerator to burn refuse. Local residents and environmental groups are opposed to this project. Management agrees to move this project to a different location. This is an example of which one of the following risk responses? Answer

PMP Quiz 27 February 2017 As head of the project management office, you need to focus on those items where risk responses can lead to better project outcomes. One way to help you make these decisions is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 February 2017 Assume that you are working on a new product for your firm. Your CEO learned that a competitor was about to launch a new product that has similar features to those of your project. The competitor plans to launch the product on September 1. It is now March 1. Your schedule called for you to launch your product on December 1. Your CEO now has now mandated that you fast track your project so you can launch your product on August 1. This fast track schedule is an example of an— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 February 2017 Contingency planning involves— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 February 2017 Which of the following is NOT an objective of a risk audit? Answer

PMP Quiz 21 February 2017 Assigning more talented resources to the project to reduce time to completion or to provide better quality than originally planned are examples of which one of the following strategies? Answer

PMP Quiz 20 February 2017 Accurate and unbiased data are essential for perform qualitative risk analysis. Which one of the following should you use to examine the extent of understanding of project risk? Answer

PMP Quiz 17 February 2017 What is the primary difference between a risk audit and a risk reassessment? Answer

PMP Quiz 16 February 2017 Which one of the following statements best characterizes an activity cost or duration estimate developed with a limitedamount of information? Answer