PMP Quiz 21 July 2017 To identify inefficient and ineffective policies, processes, and procedures in use on a project, you should conduct— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 July 2017 You are developing a project charter and want to ensure that any changes that may occur after the project begins will be controlled rigorously. You have consulted your company’s configuration management knowledge base, and it contains versions and baselines of all the following official company documents EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 July 2017 Constraints common to projects include— Answer

PMP Quiz 18 July 2017 You need to outsource the testing function of your project. Your subcontracts department informed you that the following document must be prepared before conducting the procurement: Answer

PMP Quiz 17 July 2017 If you apply the configuration management system along with change control processes project wide, you will achieve all but one of the which following objectives? Answer

PMP Quiz 14 July 2017 Assume that your company is working under a fixed-price-incentive contract. It has a target cost of $100,000, a target profit of 10%, a price ceiling of $120,000, and a share formula of 80/20. Assume that your company completes all of the work but has actual costs of $110,000. What is the final value of this procurement? Answer

PMP Quiz 12 July 2017 As you manage the railroad switching station project, you are concerned that the business analyst who was responsible for preparing the WBS may have overlooked some parts of the project. In order to see if the WBS requires enhancements you decide to— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 July 2017 In addition to providing support to the project, quality assurance also provides an umbrella for— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 July 2017 While working as the project manager on a new project to improve overall ease of use in the development of a railroad switching station, you have decided to add a subject matter expert who specializes in ergonomics to your team. She has decided to observe the existing approach as you and your team work to define requirements for the new system. This method is also called— Answer

PMP Quiz 07 July 2017 The performance measurement baseline consists of all the following EXCEPT— Answer