PMP Quiz 21 December 2017 Contested changes are requested changes when the buyer and seller cannot agree on compensation for the change. They are also known as all but which one of the following? Answer

PMP Quiz 20 December 2017 The workaround that you used to deal with a risk that occurred should be documented and included in which following processes? Answer

PMP Quiz 13 December 2017 You have been assigned as the project manager for a major project in your company where the customer and key supplier are located in another country. You have been working on your project for six months. Recently, you traveled to this country, and at the conclusion of a critical design review meeting, which was highly successful, you realized you were successful in building a high-performing team. You had your own team members, who work in a weak matrix structure, on a conference call during this meeting. Although it was difficult to reach agreement on some key issues, you therefore relied on your interpersonal skills in— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 December 2017 Team building should be ongoing throughout the project life cycle. However, it is hard to maintain momentum and morale, especially on large, complex projects that span several years. One guideline to follow to promote team building is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 December 2017 You are managing a project in which your team members all work in the same geographic location and have worked together previously on many projects. Everyone is aware of the various strengths and weaknesses of the individual team members and their key areas of expertise. As a result— Answer

PMP Quiz 07 December 2017 Behavior roles of team members influence the team’s process, behavior, and effectiveness. An example of a task-oriented role to perform is that of a(n)— Answer

PMP Quiz 06 December 2017 Your company is embarking on a project to launch a new product delivery service. You are the project manager for this project and have just finished the concept phase. The various outputs/deliverable(s) for this phase include— Answer

PMP Quiz 05 December 2017 Life-cycle phase definitions are different in different industries. For example, all of the following are terms that could be used in the closing phase of a project EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 04 December 2017 Today, the primary cause of why projects are not completed on time and within cost and are terminated early is due to— Answer

PMP Quiz 01 December 2017 When you are about to terminate a contract, the one place to look for specific procedures for contract closure is in the— Answer