PMP Quiz 16 August 2016 You are leading a team to recommend an equitable reward and recognition system for project managers. Before finalizing the plan, you want to ensure that executivesunderstand the basic objective of reward systems. This objective is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 August 2016 Project A is being administered using a matrix form of organization. The project manager reports to a senior vice president who provides visible support to the project. In this scenario, which of the following statements best describes the relative power of the project manager? Answer

PMP Quiz 12 August 2016 Which of the following is a ground rule for project team building? Answer

PMP Quiz 11 August 2016 You have been assigned as project manager on what could be a “bet the company” project. You realize that to be successful you need to exercise maximum control over project resources. Which form of project organization should you establish for this project? Answer

PMP Quiz 10 August 2016 The quality management plan describes all the following EXCEPT the— Answer

PMP Quiz 9 August 2016 Assume that your project in the food service industry involves the need for the presence of the required food label as specified by the Food and Drug Administration. In this situation, you plan to use control charts as a qualitycontrol tool, so you should prepare a(n)— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 August 2016 You have decided to use a fishbone diagram to identify the relationship between an effect and its causes. To begin, you should first— Answer

PMP Quiz 5 August 2016 Quality objectives of the project are recorded in— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 August 2016 Constancy of purpose is a core concept for continuous improvement. An organization displaying constancy of purpose must have all the following elements EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 3 August 2016 There are three uses and types of Pareto analysis. If you wish to provide a measure of significance to factors that at first may not appear to be significant at all, you should use a— Answer

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