PMP Quiz 22 June 2016 The quality function deployment process is used to— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 June 2016 In quality management, the practice “rework” is— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 June 2016 Benchmarking is a technique used in— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 June 2016 Quality is very important to your company. Each project has a quality statement that is consistent with the organization’s vision and mission. Both internal and external quality assurance are provided on all projects to— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 June 2016 The CPI on your project is 0.84. This means that you should— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 June 2016 Assume that your actual costs are $800; your planned value is $1,200; and your earned value is $1,000. Based on these data, what can be determined regarding your schedule variance? Answer

PMP Quiz 14 June 2016 The reason that the cost performance index (CPI) is shown as a ratio is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 June 2016 The cumulative cost curve for planned and actual expenditures— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 June 2016 Assume that the project cost estimates have been prepared for each activity and the basis of these estimates has been determined. Now, as the project manager for your nutrition awareness program in your hospital, you are preparing your budget. Because you have estimates for more than 1,200 separate activities, you have decided to first— Answer

PMP Quiz 9 June 2016 As project manager, you identified a number of acceptable tolerances as part of your earned value management system. During execution, some “unacceptable” variances occurred. After each “unacceptable” variance occurred, you did which one of the following first? Answer