PMP Quiz 8 June 2016 A revised cost baseline may be required in cost control when— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 June 2016 Increased attention to return on investment (ROI) now requires you to complete a financial analysis of the payback period on your project. Such an analysis identifies the— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 June 2016 The method of calculating the EAC by assuming the ETC work will be performed at the same cumulative CPI incurred by the project to date is used most often when— Answer

PMP Quiz 3 June 2016 According to learning curve theory, when many items are produced repetitively— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 June 2016 Overall cost estimates must be allocated to individual activities to establish the cost performance baseline. In an ideal situation, a project manager would prefer to prepare estimates— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 June 2016 Performance review meetings are held to assess schedule activity and work packages over-running or under-running the budget and to determine any estimated funds needed to complete work in progress. Typically, if EV is being used, all but which of the following information is determined? Answer

PMP Quiz 31 May 2016 Control accounts— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 May 2016 By reviewing cumulative cost curves, the project manager can monitor— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 May 2016 Typically, the statement “no one likes to estimate, because they know their estimate will be proven incorrect” is true. However, you have been given the challenge of estimating the costs for your nuclear reactor project. A basic assumption that you need to make early in this process is— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 May 2016 Which of the following calculations CANNOT be used to determine EAC? Answer