PMP Quiz 2 August 2016 All of the following are objectives of a quality audit— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 August 2016 The ISO 9000 standards provide— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 July 2016 You work as a project manager in the largest hospital in the region. Studies have shown that patients have to wait for long periods before being treated. To assist in identifying the factors contributing to this problem, you and your team have decided to use which of the following techniques? Answer

PMP Quiz 28 July 2016 You are a project manager for residential construction. As a project manager, you must be especially concerned with building codes—particularly in the plan quality management process. You must ensure that building codes are reflected in your project plans because— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 July 2016 The area where the project manager can have the greatest impact on the quality of his or her project is in— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 July 2016 The control chart is a tool used primarily to help— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 July 2016 Results of quality control measurements are used— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 July 2016 Even though your project is vastly different from a manufacturing operation, you believe the principles of kaizenwill work well. The kaizen approach to continuous improvement emphasizes— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 July 2016 Long-term contracting is an important aspect of project quality management because it— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 July 2016 The “rule of seven” as applied to statistical process control charts means that— Answer

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