PMP Quiz 9 January 2016 Different types of project phases are used on projects, and each phase culminates in the completion of at least one deliverable. The high-level nature of these phases means they are an element of the project life cycle. Some phases start before others complete. If this approach is followed, it may result in— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 January 2016 Your project is proceeding according to schedule. You have just learned that a new regulatory requirement will cause a change in one of the project’s performance specifications. To ensure that this change is incorporated into the project management plan, you should— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 January 2016 You are a personnel management specialist recently assigned to a project team working on a team-based reward and recognition system. The other team members also work in the human resources department. The projectcharter should be issued by— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 January 2016 The close project or phase process addresses actions and activities concerning all of the following EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 5 January 2016 Project management processes describe project work, while product-oriented management processes specify the project’s product. Therefore, a project management process and a product-oriented management process— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 January 2016 As you are working on your telecommunications project, even though you are using agile methods, you realize you are preparing an extensive amount of data and information. You regularly share data with your project team. Your last team meeting focused on the number of change requests and also the start and finish dates of activities in your schedule. They are examples of— Answer

PMP Quiz 3 January 2016 Closing a project phase should not be delayed until project completion because— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 January 2016 Ideally, a project manager should be selected and assigned at which point in the project life cycle? Answer

PMP Quiz 1 January 2016 Working on your project management training curricula project, you decided it would be beneficial to you to become an active member of the Project Management Institute as part of the objectives of your project is to ensure it is aligned with PMI®’s best practices. To complement PMI®’s Work Breakdown Structure Practice Standard, you learned PMI® was requesting volunteers to participate in development of a similar standard on the Scope Statement. You volunteered, and now the Standard is issued. This is an example of: Answer

PMP Quiz 31 December 2015 You are responsible for a project management training curriculum that is offered throughout the organization. In this situation, your intangible deliverables are— Answer