PMP Quiz 1 March 2016 You are the project manager for a subcontractor on a major contract. The prime contractor has asked that you manage your work in a detailed manner. Your first step is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 February 2016 Which following item is NOT an input to control scope? Answer

PMP Quiz 26 February 2016 You and your team are documenting requirements on you project to control fatigue as people need to work more hours to keep up with the competition. You decided to set up components for the requirements on your project. Acceptance criteria are an example of— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 February 2016 Modifications may be needed to the WBS and WBS dictionary because of approved change requests, which shows that— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 February 2016 The key inputs to the validate scope process include all the below items EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 February 2016 Your customer signed off on the requirements document and scope statement of your video game project last month. Today she stated she would like to make it an interactive game that can be played on a television and on a computer. This represents a requested scope change that, at a minimum— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 February 2016 You are project manager on a systems engineering project designed to last six years and to develop the next-generation corvette for use in military operations. You and your team recognize that requirements may change as new technologies, especially in sonar systems, are developed. You are concerned that these new technologies may lead to changes in the scope of your product, which then will affect the scope of your project. Therefore your requirements traceability matrix should include tracing requirements to all the following project elements EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 February 2016 Your project is now under way, and you are working with your team to prepare your requirements management plan. Which of the following strongly influences how requirements are managed? Answer

PMP Quiz 18 February 2016 Work performance information includes all the following EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 February 2016 Updates of organizational process assets that are an output of control scope include all the following EXCEPT— Answer