PMP Quiz 2 May 2016 You must consider direct costs, indirect costs, overhead costs, and general and administrative costs during cost estimating. Which of the following is NOT an example of a direct cost? Answer

PMP Quiz 29 April 2016 All the following are outputs of the estimate cost process EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 April 2016 You have now prepared your cost management plan so now you are preparing your project’s cost estimate. You decided to use analogous estimating. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of analogous estimating? Answer

PMP Quiz 27 April 2016 What is the EAC for this project, and what does it represent? Answer

PMP Quiz 26 April 2016 The CV for this project is— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 April 2016 What is the CPI for this project, and what does it tell us about cost performance thus far? Answer

PMP Quiz 22 April 2016 According to earned value analysis, the SV and status of the project described above is— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 April 2016 The reason that the schedule performance index (SPI) is shown as a ratio is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 April 2016 To account for uncertainty in a schedule, reserve analysis may be used. All the following are examples of contingency reserves EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 April 2016 You are managing a project to redesign a retail store layout to improve customer throughput and efficiency. Much project work must be done on site and will require the active participation of store employees who are lifelong members of a powerful union with a reputation for labor unrest. One important component of your schedule must be— Answer