PMP Quiz 21 July 2016 Long-term contracting is an important aspect of project quality management because it— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 July 2016 The “rule of seven” as applied to statistical process control charts means that— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 July 2016 Recently your company introduced a new set of “metal woods” to its established line of golfing equipment. However, in the past weeks many of the clubs have been returned because of quality problems. You decide to conduct a failure mode and criticality analysis to— Answer

PMP Quiz 18 July 2016 You are managing a major international project, and your contract requires you to prepare both a project plan and a quality management plan. Your core team is preparing a project quality management plan. Your first step in developing this plan is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 July 2016 Your management has prescribed that a quality audit be conducted at the end of every phase in a project. This audit is part of the organization’s— Answer

PMP Quiz 14 July 2016 Quality inspections also may be called— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 July 2016 Deming’s Fourteen Points provide a way for an organization to create and sustain a culture of continuous improvement. As such it should be directed by— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 July 2016 You recognize the importance of quality control on your project. However, you also know that quality control has costs associated with it and that the project has a limited budget. One way to reduce the cost of quality control is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 July 2016 Six sigma refers to the aim of setting tolerance limits at six standard deviations from the mean, whereas the normally expected deviation of a process is— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 July 2016 Your quality assurance department recently performed a quality audit of your project and identified a number of findings and recommendations. One recommendation seems critical and should be implemented because it affects successful delivery of the product to your customer. Your next step should be to— Answer