PMP Quiz 7 July 2016 Assume you wish to provide a process to be more creative in problem solving as on your project you have a somewhat complex scenario that possesses intertwined logical relationships for up to 50 items. The best approach is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 July 2016 Project quality management was once thought to include only inspection or quality control. In recent years, the concept of project quality management has broadened. Which statement is NOT representative of the new definition of quality management? Answer

PMP Quiz 5 July 2016 Rank ordering of defects should be used to guide corrective action. This is the underlying principle behind— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 July 2016 The project team should have a working knowledge of statistical process control to help evaluate control quality outputs. Of all the topics involved, which of the following is the most important for the team to understand? Answer

PMP Quiz 1 July 2016 When a process is within acceptable limits, it— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 June 2016 Your project scheduler has just started working with your project and has produced defective reports for the past two accounting cycles. If this continues, these defective reports could provide the potential for customer dissatisfaction and lost productivity that is due to rework. You discovered that the project scheduler needs additional training on using the scheduling tool that is used on your project. The cost of training falls under which one of the following categories? Answer

PMP Quiz 29 June 2016 Which of the following statements best describes attribute sampling versus variables sampling? Answer

PMP Quiz 28 June 2016 Quality assurance promotes quality improvement. A “breakthrough” is the accomplishment of any improvement that takes the organization to unprecedented levels of performance by attacking— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 June 2016 The purpose of the Taguchi method is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 June 2016 You are leading a research project that will require between 10 and 20 aerospace engineers. Some senior-level aerospace engineers are available. They are more productive than junior-level engineers, who cost less and who are available as well. You want to determine the optimal combination of senior- and junior-level personnel. In this situation, the appropriate technique to use is to— Answer