PMP Quiz 18 April 2016 You are managing a project that will use a virtual team with team members on three different continents. Your company is looking to use the virtual team to provide a lower cost product by using resources in countries that have a favorable exchange rate to that of your country. To assist in this process as you estimate resource requirements, it is helpful to consider— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 April 2016 The risk register may need to be updated as an output of which following process: Answer

PMP Quiz 14 April 2016 You are managing a new technology project designed to improve the removal of hazardous waste from your city. You are in the planning phase of this project and have prepared your network diagram. Your next step is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 April 2016 All the following statements regarding critical chain method are true EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 April 2016 Several types of float are found in project networks. Float that is used by a particular activity and does NOT affect the float in later activities is called— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 April 2016 The purpose of using what-if analysis in schedule control is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 April 2016 Which of the following is a key input to define activities? Answer

PMP Quiz 7 April 2016 In project development, schedule information such as who will perform the work, where the work will be performed, activity type, and WBS classification are examples of— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 April 2016 An activity has an early start date of the 10th and a late start date of the 19th. The activity has a duration of four days. There are no nonworkdays. From the information given, what can be concluded about the activity? Answer

PMP Quiz 5 April 2016 Project managers should pay attention to critical and subcritical activities when evaluating project time performance. One way to do this is to analyze 10 subcriticalpaths in order of ascending float. This approach is part of— Answer