PMP Quiz 16 February 2016 Written change requests should be required on— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 February 2016 Any step recommended to bring expected future performance in line with the project management plan is called— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 February 2016 Validate scope— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 February 2016 You are leading a project team to identify potential new products for your organization. One idea was rejected by management because it would not fit with the organization’s core competencies. You need to recommend other products using management’s guideline as— Answer

PMP Quiz 5 February 2016 Assume that you are a major subcontractor doing work for a prime contractor on a major project. Your change control system should— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 February 2016 You have been appointed project manager for a new project in your organization and must prepare a project management plan. You decide to prepare a WBS to show the magnitude and complexity of the work involved. No WBS templates are available to help you. To prepare the WBS, your first step should be to— Answer

PMP Quiz 3 February 2016 To assist your software development team in collecting requirements from potential users and to ensure that agreement about the stakeholders’ needs exists early in the project, you decide to use a group creativity technique. Numerous techniques are available, but you and your team choose a voting process to rank the most useful ideas for further prioritization. This approach is known as— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 February 2016 In scope control it is important to determine the cause of any unacceptable variance relative to the scope baseline. This can be done through— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 February 2016 Each WBS component should be assigned a unique identifier from a code of accounts to— Answer

PMP Quiz 31 January 2016 Change is inevitable on projects. Uncontrolled changes are often referred to as— Answer