PMP Quiz 15 February 2017 The highest risk impact generally occurs during which one of the following project life-cycle phases? Answer

PMP Quiz 14 February 2017 Two key inputs to the perform quantitative risk analysis process are the— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 February 2017 On a typical project, when are risks highest and impacts (amount at stake) lowest? Answer

PMP Quiz 10 February 2017 Risk mitigation involves— Answer

PMP Quiz 9 February 2017 When managing current projects, it is important to use lessons learned from previous projects to improve the organization’s project management process. Therefore, in project closing procedures, it is important to review the— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 February 2017 Your project is using complex, unproven technology. Your team conducted a brainstorming session to identify risks. Poor allocation of project resources was the number one risk. This risk was placed on the risk register, which included at this point a— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 February 2017 The primary advantage of using decision-tree analysis in project risk management is that it— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 February 2017 Which of the following is an example of recommended corrective action in risk management? Answer

PMP Quiz 3 February 2017 Risk score measures the— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 February 2017 The purpose of a numeric scale in risk management is to— Answer