PMP Quiz 06 July 2017 Although the project charter serves to state the project manager’s authority and responsibility on the project, the project manager further requires which type of power in order to be an effective leader? Answer

PMP Quiz 05 July 2017 You are managing a project that has five subcontractors. You must monitor contract performance, make payments, and manage provider interface. One subcontractor submitted a change request to expand the scope of its work. You decided to award a contract modification based on a review of this request. All these activities are part of— Answer

PMP Quiz 04 July 2017 Change control procedures, configuration management knowledge base, versions, and baselines in the develop project management plan process are: Answer

PMP Quiz 03 July 2017 Requirements typically are classified into product requirements and project requirements. Capturing and managing both types of requirements is important for project success, so you and your team decided to follow this classification system on your project to modernize all the telecommunications equipment in your company. During such an approach, all the following are examples of product requirements EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 June 2017 On your project to construct a new runway for your City’s airport, you are in the process of selecting vendors for various parts of this project. You have conducted your make-or-buy analysis and have issued Requests for Proposals. You believe it is important to examine past performance of potential vendors. This means you are using— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 June 2017 In the initial stage of the project life cycle, the project’s technical objectives are apt to be understood only in a general sense. A major component of project conflict during this stage of the project is— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 June 2017 You recently took over a relatively new project expected to last another seven years. The previous project manager completed most of the WBS. When you begin to define the project activities, you realize that the WBS work packages expected to occur in the next year are planned in detail, but the work packages for later in the future (three years or more) are not planned with much detail, if any detail at all. You determine— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 June 2017 Table reporting, spreadsheet analysis, and presentations are examples of— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 June 2017 A number of organizational process assets are useful as inputs to the manage stakeholder engagement process. Similarly a number of organizational process assets require updates because of this process. An example of one that is an input is— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 June 2017 Identifying interrelationships and potential overlap between stakeholders is useful to the project manager as he or she works with stakeholders. It should be documented as part of the— Answer