PMP Quiz 08 September 2017 The WBS represents all product and project work, including project management. It is sometimes called the— Answer

PMP Quiz 07 September 2017 You are pleased to be the project manager for a new video conferencing system for your global organization. You want it to be one that is easy to use and is state of the art. As the project manager, you also are the project leader. You realize leadership is critical throughout the phases of the project and its key elements are— Answer

PMP Quiz 06 September 2017 Your experience has taught you that inappropriate responses to cost variances can produce quality or schedule problems or unacceptable project risk. When leading a team meeting to discuss the importance of cost control, you note that cost control is concerned with— Answer

PMP Quiz 05 September 2017 The lessons learned documentation is an output from the— Answer

PMP Quiz 01 September 2017 Rolling wave planning in the create WBS process refers to situations in which— Answer

PMP Quiz 31 August 2017 Assume you had a phase gate meeting with your Governance Board for your project to develop the next generation radar system as part of the nation’s airspace modernization program. At this meeting, the Board approved your project management plan. However, as you begin to execute your plan, an organizational process asset to consider is— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 August 2017 Your company has been awarded a contract for project management consulting services for a major government agency. You were a member of the proposal writing team, are PMP® certified, and you are the project manager. You are now working to prepare your project management plan, which is to be submitted in one week. You decided to use some facilitation techniques to help develop your plan. While a number are possible, you selected— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 August 2017 One key reason that the develop project charter process is so important is that it— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 August 2017 Your project sponsor has asked you, “What do we now expect the total job to cost?” Given that you are using earned value, you should calculate the— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 August 2017 Assume that on your project, you are using earned value management. Your project is one that has extremely long work packages. Therefore, the method you should use to calculate EV is— Answer