PMP Quiz 8 April 2016 Which of the following is a key input to define activities? Answer

PMP Quiz 7 April 2016 In project development, schedule information such as who will perform the work, where the work will be performed, activity type, and WBS classification are examples of— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 April 2016 An activity has an early start date of the 10th and a late start date of the 19th. The activity has a duration of four days. There are no nonworkdays. From the information given, what can be concluded about the activity? Answer

PMP Quiz 5 April 2016 Project managers should pay attention to critical and subcritical activities when evaluating project time performance. One way to do this is to analyze 10 subcriticalpaths in order of ascending float. This approach is part of— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 April 2016 Unlike bar charts, milestone charts show— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 April 2016 Which one of the following is a key input to the define activities process? Answer

PMP Quiz 31 March 2016 To meet regulatory requirements, you need to crash your project schedule. Your first step is to compute— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 March 2016 Various tools and techniques are available to sequence activities, and several factors can help to determine which tool or technique to select. When a project manager decides to include sub-networks or a fragment network as part of his or her scheduling technique, what does this decision say about the project? Answer

PMP Quiz 29 March 2016 A schedule performance index of less than 1.0 indicates that the— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 March 2016 When sequencing project activities in the schedule, all the following are true EXCEPT— Answer