PMP Quiz 25 March 2016 Decomposition is a technique used for both WBS development and activity definition. Which following statement best describes the role decomposition plays in activity definition as compared to creating the WBS? Answer

PMP Quiz 24 March 2016 You are remodeling your kitchen and decide to prepare a network diagram for this project. Your appliances must be purchased and available for installation by the time the cabinets are completed. In this example, these relationshipsare— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 March 2016 Your approved project schedule was based on resource leveling because of a scarcity of resources. Management has now mandated that the project be completed as soon as possible. Which of the following methods will you use to recalculate the schedule? Answer

PMP Quiz 22 March 2016 Working with your team to provide the basis for measuringand reporting schedule progress, you agree to use the— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 March 2016 “I cannot test the software until I code the software.” This expression describes which of the following dependencies? Answer

PMP Quiz 18 March 2016 You can use various estimating approaches to determine activity durations. When you have a limited amount of information available about your project, especially when in the early phases, the best approach to use is— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 March 2016 Activity A has a duration of three days and begins on the morning of Monday the 4th. The successor activity, B, has a finish-to-start relationship with A. The finish-to-start relationship has three days of lag, and activity B has a duration of four days. Sunday is a nonworkday. Such data can help to determine— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 March 2016 Your customer wants the project to be completed six months earlier than planned. You believe you can meet this target by overlapping project activities. The approach you plan to use is known as— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 March 2016 If, when developing your project schedule, you want to define a distribution of probable results for each schedule activity and use that distribution to calculate another distribution of probable results for the total project, the most common technique to use is— Answer

PMP Quiz 14 March 2016 Project schedule development is an iterative process. If the start and finish dates are not realistic, the project probably will not finish as planned. You are working with your team to define how to manage schedule changes. You documented your decisions in which of the following? Answer