PMP Quiz 2 February 2016 In scope control it is important to determine the cause of any unacceptable variance relative to the scope baseline. This can be done through— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 February 2016 Each WBS component should be assigned a unique identifier from a code of accounts to— Answer

PMP Quiz 31 January 2016 Change is inevitable on projects. Uncontrolled changes are often referred to as— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 January 2016 On the WBS, the first level of decomposition may be displayed by using all the following EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 January 2016 Quality function deployment is one approach for collecting requirements. Assume that you have studied the work of numerous quality experts, such as Deming, Juran, and Crosby, and your organization has a policy that states the importance of quality as the key constraint of all project constraints. You and your team have decided to use quality function deployment on your new project to manufacture turbines that use alternative fuels. The first step you should use is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 January 2016 You want to structure your project so that each project team member has a discrete work package to perform. The work package is a— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 January 2016 The first step in collecting requirements on any project, large or small, is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 January 2016 The project scope statement addresses and documents all the following items EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 January 2016 Collecting requirements is critical in project scope management as it becomes the foundation for the project’s— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 January 2016 Rather than use a WBS, your team developed a bill of materials to define the project’s work components. A customer review of this document uncovered that a scope change was needed, because a deliverable had not been defined, and a change request was written subsequently. This is an example of a change request that was the result of— Answer