PMP Quiz 15 March 2016 If, when developing your project schedule, you want to define a distribution of probable results for each schedule activity and use that distribution to calculate another distribution of probable results for the total project, the most common technique to use is— Answer

PMP Quiz 14 March 2016 Project schedule development is an iterative process. If the start and finish dates are not realistic, the project probably will not finish as planned. You are working with your team to define how to manage schedule changes. You documented your decisions in which of the following? Answer

PMP Quiz 11 March 2016 You are planning to conduct the team-building portion of your new project management training curriculum out-of-doors in the local park. You are limited to scheduling the course at certain times of the year, and the best time for the course to begin is mid-July. One of the more common date constraints to use as you develop the project schedule is— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 March 2016 Of the following tools and techniques, which one is NOT used for schedule control? Answer

PMP Quiz 9 March 2016 You are managing a construction project for a new city water system. The contract requires you to use special titanium piping equipment that is guaranteed not to corrode. The titanium pipe must be resting in the ground a total of 10 days before connectors can be installed. In this example, the 10-day period is defined as— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 March 2016 Your company, which operates one of the region’s largest chemical processing plants, has been convicted of illegally dumping toxic substances into the local river. The court has mandated that the required cleanup activities be completed by February 15. This date is an example of— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 March 2016 You are establishing a PMO that will have a project management information system that will be an online repository of all program data. You will collect descriptions of all work components for each project under the PMO’s jurisdiction. This information will form an integral part of the— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 March 2016 How is a context diagram used? Answer

PMP Quiz 3 March 2016 The product scope description is documented as part of the project’s scope statement. It is important to include it because it— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 March 2016 The project scope statement is important in scope control because it— Answer

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