PMP Quiz 20 January 2016 A key tool and technique used in define scope is— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 January 2016 You are managing a complex project for a new method of heating and air conditioning in vehicles. You will use both solar and wind technologies in this project to reduce energy costs. Therefore, you must ensure that the work of your project will result in delivering the project’s specified scope, which means that you should measure completion of the product scope against the— Answer

PMP Quiz 18 January 2016 An example of an organizational process asset that could affect how project scope is to be managed is— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 January 2016 You and your project team recognize the importance of project scope management to a project’s overall success; therefore, you include only the work required for successful completion of the project. The first step in the Project Scope Management process is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 January 2016 You are examining multiple scope change requests on a project you were asked to take over because the previous project manager decided to resign. To assess the degree to which the project scope will change, you need to compare the requests to which project document? Answer

PMP Quiz 15 January 2016 Progressive elaboration of product characteristics on your project must be coordinated carefully with the— Answer

PMP Quiz 14 January 2016 All projects involve some extent of change, because they involve work that is unique in some fashion. Therefore, it is important that a project management plan includes a— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 January 2016 Projects are supposed to succeed, not fail. However, termination is an option to consider when all but which one of the following conditions exist? Answer

PMP Quiz 12 January 2016 On your project you want to avoid bureaucracy, so you adopt an informal approach to change control. The main problem with this approach is— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 January 2016 Oftentimes when a project is terminated, senior managers will replace the project manager with an individual who is skilled in closing out projects. If this is done, the first step for the termination manager should be to— Answer

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