PMP Quiz 29 December 2015 When closing a project, it is a best practice to— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 December 2015 You are managing a project to introduce a new product to the marketplace that is expected to have a very long life. In this situation, the concept of being temporary, which is part of the definition of a project,— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 December 2015 You want to minimize the impact of changes on your project, yet you want to ensure that change is managed when and if it occurs. This can be done through each of the following ways EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 December 2015 Because your project is slated to last five years, you believe rolling wave planning is appropriate. It provides information about the work to be done— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 December 2015 You are project manager for a systems integration effort and need to procure the hardware components from external sources. Your subcontracts administrator has told you to prepare a product description, which is referenced in a— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 December 2015 Your cost control specialist has developed a budget plan for your project to add a second surgical center to the Children’s Hospital. As you analyze cash flow requirements, you notice that cash flow activity is greatest in the closing phase. You find this unusual because on most projects the largest portion of the budget spent during— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 December 2015 You are working on the next generation of software for mobile phones for your telecommunications company. While time to market is critical, you know from your work on other projects that management reviews can be helpful and plan to use them on your project. You are documenting them as part of your— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 December 2015 You have been directed to establish a change control system for your company, but must convince your colleagues to use it. To be effective, the change control system must include— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 December 2015 You realize that projects represent change, and on your projects, you always seem to have a number of change requests to consider. In your current project to manage the safety of the nation’s cheese products and the testing methods used, you decided to prepare a formal change management plan. An often overlooked type of change request is— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 December 2015 An automated tool, project records, performance indicators, data bases, and financials are examples of items in— Answer