PMP Quiz 19 December 2015 You are implementing a project management methodology for your company that requires you to establish a change control board. Which one of the following statements best describes a change control board? Answer

PMP Quiz 18 December 2015 You work for a telecommunications company, and when developing a project management plan for a new project, you found that you must tailor some company processes because the product is so different than those products typically produced by your company. To tailor these processes, you will follow— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 December 2015 You are fairly new to managing a project but have been a team member for many years. You are pleased you were selected to manage your company’s 2015 model line of hybrid vehicles. You are now planning your project and have been preparing the subsidiary plans as well. You realize some project documents also are required to help manage your project. An example of one that you believe will be especial helpful is the— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 December 2015 You are managing a project in an organization is characterized by with rigid rules and policies and strict supervisory controls. Your project, sponsored by your CEO who is new to the company, is to make the organization less bureaucratic and more participative. You are developing your project management plan. Given the organization as it now is set up, as you prepare your plan, you can use which of the following organizational process assets— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 December 2015 The direct and manage project work process truly is important in project management. It affects many other key processes and uses inputs from others. Working with your team at its kickoff meeting, you explain the key benefit of this process is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 14 December 2015 Facilitation techniques are used throughout project management. Your company is embarking on a project to completely eliminate defects in its products. You are the project manager for this project, and you are developing your project charter. To assist you, which of the following facilitation techniques did you use? Answer

PMP Quiz 13 December 2015 The purpose of economic value added (EVA) is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 December 2015 You are beginning a new project staffed with a virtual team located across five countries. To help avoid conflict in work priorities among your team members and their functional managers, you ask the project sponsor to prepare a— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 December 2015 When you established the change control board for your avionics project, you established specific procedures to govern its operation. The procedures require all approved changes to baselines to be reflected in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 December 2015 You have assembled a core team to develop the project management plan for the next generation of fatigue fighting drugs. The science is complex, and the extended team of researchers, clinicians, and patients for trials exceeds 500 people. The content of your project management plan will be directed primarily by two factors. They are— Answer