PMP Quiz 23 August 2017 A challenge of earned value management is predicting percent complete. The simplest formula to use to calculate EV is— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 August 2017 After the project scope statement is complete, it may be necessary to update other project documents. All the following are examples of a document that may require updates EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 August 2017 Which of the following tools and techniques is used in the close project or phase process? Answer

PMP Quiz 18 August 2017 Project deliverables are the outputs that include the product, service, or result of the project as well as ancillary results. These ancillary results should be in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 August 2017 The CPI on your project is 0.44, which means that you should— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 August 2017 The key to effective cost control is— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 August 2017 Assume that your actual costs are $1,000; your planned value is $1,200; and your earned value is $1,500. Based on these data, what can be determined regarding your schedule variance? Answer

PMP Quiz 14 August 2017 The key management skills required during the adjourning stage of team development include all but which one of the following? Answer

PMP Quiz 11 August 2017 Although your company’s project life cycle does not mandate when a project review should be conducted, you believe it is important to review performance at the conclusion of each phase. The objective of such a review is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 August 2017 An approach to provide insight into the health of the project and to identify any areas that require special attention is to— Answer