PMP Quiz 31 January 2017 You are managing the construction of a highly sophisticated data center in Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea. Although this location offers significant economic advantages, the threat of typhoons has caused you to create a backup plan to operate in Manila in case the center is flooded. This plan is an example of what type of risk response? Answer

PMP Quiz 30 January 2017 If a business venture has a 60-percent chance to earn $2 million and a 20-percent chance to lose $1.5 million, what is the expected monetary value of the venture? Answer

PMP Quiz 25 January 2017 The simplest form of quantitative risk analysis and modelingtechniques is— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 January 2017 A general contingency is used for— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 January 2017 Your project team has identified all the risks on the project and has categorized them as high, medium, and low. The “low” risks are placed on which one of the following for monitoring? Answer

PMP Quiz 20 January 2017 The project scope statement should be used in the identify risk process because it— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 January 2017 If the probability of event 1 is 80 percent and of event 2 is 70 percent and they are independent events, how likely is it that both events will occur? Answer

PMP Quiz 18 January 2017 Each one of the following statements about risk avoidance is true EXCEPT that it— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 January 2017 You are developing radio frequency (RF) technology that will improve overnight package delivery. You ask each stakeholder to estimate the most optimistic package delivery time using the RF technology, the most pessimistic time, and the most likely time. This shows that for your next step you plan to— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 January 2017 A project health check identified a risk that your project would not be completed on time. As a result, you are quantifying the project’s risk exposure and determining what cost and schedule contingency reserves might be needed. You performed a schedule risk analysis using Monte Carlo analysis. The basis for your schedule risk analysis is the— Answer