PMP Quiz 22 June 2017 As a result of the control stakeholder expectations process, you realize even though this process is under way until the closing phase that you have identified the root cause of some issues you have faced in controlling stakeholders expectations. You should therefore— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 June 2017 A supporting input for controlling stakeholder engagement is— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 June 2017 Working on your project to design and construct five new bridges for your City, you are striving to actively manage the stakeholders on your project, especially those who will be inconvenienced by the project and have indicated they do not support it. You decided to review your communications management plan as it— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 June 2017 The ability of stakeholders to influence a project is— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 June 2017 Assume you have performed your stakeholder analysis and now are working to enhance it with a stakeholder engagement assessment matrix. Such a matrix shows the stakeholder’s current engagement level. These data enable— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 June 2017 Having prepared stakeholder management plans on previous projects, you know it is positive to review the project management plan because it— Answer

PMP Quiz 14 June 2017 Assume you are managing a project to implement an electronic medical record system in your ophthalmologist’s office. You have been working to identify your stakeholders to then make sure everyone is committed to it as some people have been working in this office for more than 20 years and are comfortable with the manual approach. At this point, you have documented assessment information, which includes— Answer

PMP Quiz 13 June 2017 One way to develop an understanding of major project stakeholders to exchange and analyze project information about roles and interests is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 June 2017 Assume you are beginning your project to develop a series of residential condominiums in your city and are identifying possible stakeholders. A key organizational process asset you can review is— Answer

PMP Quiz 09 June 2017 Recognizing operations management is different than project management, as the project manager for a new line of electrical tractors to avoid the need to use costly fuel, you realize a best practice is to— Answer