PMP Quiz 13 December 2015 The purpose of economic value added (EVA) is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 December 2015 You are beginning a new project staffed with a virtual team located across five countries. To help avoid conflict in work priorities among your team members and their functional managers, you ask the project sponsor to prepare a— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 December 2015 When you established the change control board for your avionics project, you established specific procedures to govern its operation. The procedures require all approved changes to baselines to be reflected in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 December 2015 You have assembled a core team to develop the project management plan for the next generation of fatigue fighting drugs. The science is complex, and the extended team of researchers, clinicians, and patients for trials exceeds 500 people. The content of your project management plan will be directed primarily by two factors. They are— Answer

PMP Quiz 9 December 2015 You are the project manager in charge of developing a new shipping container for Globus Ocean Transport, which needs to withstand winds of 90 knots and swells of 30 meters. In determining the dimension of the container and the materials to be used in its fabrication, you convene a group of knowledgeable professionals to gather initial requirements, which will be included in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 December 2015 You plan to hold a series of meeting as you execute the project plan. While different attendees will attend each meeting, a best practice to follow is to: Answer

PMP Quiz 7 December 2015 You are managing a large project with 20 key internal stakeholders, eight contractors, and six team leaders. You must devote attention to effective integrated change control. This means you are concerned primarily with— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 December 2015 You work for a software development company that has followed the waterfall development model for more than 20 years. Lately, a number of customers have complained that your company is taking too long to complete its projects. You attended a class on agile development methods and believe that if the company used the agile approach, it could provide products to clients in a shorter time period. However, it would be a major culture change to switch from the waterfall methodology to the agile approach and to train staff members in this new approach. You mentioned this idea to the director of the PMO, and although she liked the idea, she would need approval from the company’s portfolio review board to move forward with it. She suggested that you document this idea in a— Answer