PMP Quiz 9 March 2017 Significant differences between the seller’s price and your independent estimate may indicate all the following EXCEPT the— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 March 2017 In some cases, contract termination refers to— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 March 2017 Which term describes the failure by either the buyer or the seller to perform part or all of the duties of a contract? Answer

PMP Quiz 6 March 2017 The buyer has negotiated a cost-plus-incentive fee contract with the seller. The contract has a target cost of $300,000, a target fee of $40,000, a share ratio of 80/20, a maximum fee of $60,000, and a minimum fee of $10,000. If the seller has actual costs of $380,000, how much fee will the buyer pay? Answer

PMP Quiz 3 March 2017 Contract type selection is dependent on the degree of risk or uncertainty facing the project manager. From the perspective of the buyer, the preferred contract type in a low-risk situation is— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 March 2017 Which term describes those costs in a contract that are associated with two or more projects but are not traceable to either of them individually? Answer

PMP Quiz 1 March 2017 What doctrine causes a party to relinquish rights under a contract because it knowingly fails to execute those rights? Answer

PMP Quiz 28 February 2017 You are the project manager for the construction of an incinerator to burn refuse. Local residents and environmental groups are opposed to this project. Management agrees to move this project to a different location. This is an example of which one of the following risk responses? Answer

PMP Quiz 27 February 2017 As head of the project management office, you need to focus on those items where risk responses can lead to better project outcomes. One way to help you make these decisions is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 February 2017 Assume that you are working on a new product for your firm. Your CEO learned that a competitor was about to launch a new product that has similar features to those of your project. The competitor plans to launch the product on September 1. It is now March 1. Your schedule called for you to launch your product on December 1. Your CEO now has now mandated that you fast track your project so you can launch your product on August 1. This fast track schedule is an example of an— Answer