PMP Quiz 09 August 2017 Tools and techniques used to perform quality assurance include— Answer

PMP Quiz 08 August 2017 Although there are various tools and techniques to consider as you collect requirements on your project, one approach that supports the concept of progressive elaboration is— Answer

PMP Quiz 07 August 2017 The project scope baseline should be used in the identify risks process because it— Answer

PMP Quiz 04 August 2017 You are in the process of performing quality assurance on your product and find that some requirements are not as complete as they should be, which causes rework and adds costs to your overall project. The term for all costs incurred over the life of the product by investing in appraising and inspecting the product for conformance and nonconformance to requirements is called— Answer

PMP Quiz 03 August 2017 Consider a company that sells products to consumers: as one product begins the deterioration and death phases of its life cycle (or the divestment phase of a system), new products or projects must be established. This means that— Answer

PMP Quiz 02 August 2017 All of the following statements concerning validate scope and control quality are true EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 01 August 2017 Which of the following tools is used in process analysis to determine the underlying causes of defects? Answer

PMP Quiz 31 July 2017 Which of the following ensures that requested changes to deliverables are thoroughly considered as part of the perform integrated change control process? Answer

PMP Quiz 28 July 2017 During the closing phase of the project, the top-ranked source of conflict is— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 July 2017 Having worked previously as a software project manager, you were pleased to be appointed as the project manager for a new systems integration project designed to replace the existing air traffic control system in your country. You found a requirements traceability matrix to be helpful on software projects, so you decided to use it on this systems integration project. Using such a matrix helps to ensure that each requirement— Answer