PMP Quiz 08 June 2017 The sponsor is a key project stakeholder because he or she— Answer

PMP Quiz 07 June 2017 Expert judgment is a best practice as a tool and technique in many project management processes, and the list of possible sources for experts varies by the organization and by its association with others. One way once you have identified experts who you feel could be of assistance is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 06 June 2017 Stakeholder engagement must be controlled on a continuous basis for it to be effective. You realize a number of project documents can be useful for you as a project manager. An example is— Answer

PMP Quiz 05 June 2017 Working to foster stakeholder engagement, as the project manager, you know a combination of interpersonal skills and general management skills is needed. An example of an key interpersonal skill in stakeholder engagement is— Answer

PMP Quiz 02 June 2017 The stakeholder register should not be prepared only one time, but it should be updated regularly especially if— Answer

PMP Quiz 01 June 2017 Assume your stakeholder management plan has been approved. You now are working with your team to promote stakeholder engagement on your project. You explain in a team meeting its benefit is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 31 May 2017 Assume you have identified your stakeholders and are preparing your stakeholder management plan. You are fortunate that your team is a collocated team as you are working on an internal project to reorganize your IT Department so it is focused more on its customers. The project sponsor is the Chief Operating Officer, and the IT Department Director was surprised as she thought all was well. However, you notice when planning meetings are held, the Chief Financial Officer never attends. You feel since IT affects the entire company, all the senior leaders need some type of involvement. You therefore feel the Chief Financial Officer may be— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 May 2017 In plan stakeholder management, all organizational assets are used as inputs; however, which of the following are of particular importance? Answer

PMP Quiz 29 May 2017 The salience model is one way to classify stakeholders. In it— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 May 2017 Assume your construction project is for a small city with only 8,500 people. There has been opposition to it from the beginning, when the City Commissioners approved it by many residents. The residents recognize they will be severely impacted as the new bridges are implemented, and during the public hearings before the Commissioners’ decision, they hired an attorney to state they felt the more cost effective approach was to strengthen the bridges so they met today’s safety requirements. Residents now know you have been ordered to stop work, and they have requested a meeting with the Commission on Tuesday. This means you should— Answer