PMP Quiz 13 January 2017 Most statistical simulations of budgets, schedules, and resource allocations use which one of the following approaches? Answer

PMP Quiz 12 January 2017 A workaround is— Answer

PMP Quiz 11 January 2017 The Delphi technique is a particularly useful method for identifying risks to— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 January 2017 You are working on identifying possible risks to your project to develop a nutritional supplement. You want to develop a comprehensive list of risks that can be addressed later through qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. An information gathering technique used to identify risks is— Answer

PMP Quiz 9 January 2017 As project manager, you have assembled the team to prepare a comprehensive list of project risks. Which one of the following documents would be the most helpful in this process? Answer

PMP Quiz 6 January 2017 Projects are particularly susceptible to risk because— Answer

PMP Quiz 5 January 2017 The risk urgency assessment is a tool and technique used for— Answer

PMP Quiz 4 January 2017 A risk response strategy that can be used for both threats and opportunities is— Answer

PMP Quiz 3 January 2017 You are working on a project with 15 stakeholders. The number of communication channels on this project is— Answer

PMP Quiz 30 December 2016 Because communications planning often is linked tightly with enterprise environmental factors, which one of the following statements is true? Answer