PMP Quiz 29 December 2016 The purpose of work performance data in control communications is to present results of comparative analysis to the— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 December 2016 One way to determine how to best update and communicate project performance and respond to stakeholder information requests is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 27 December 2016 Changes in the report formats and lessons learned documents process should trigger changes to the— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 December 2016 General management skills relevant to the manage communications process include— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 December 2016 Information received from stakeholders concerning project operations can be distributed and used to modify or improve future performance of the project. This modification or improvement is done as an update to organizational process assets during which following process? Answer

PMP Quiz 22 December 2016 Assume you want to optimize the work performance reports you will use to manage communications. You should do so by— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 December 2016 Work performance information is an output of which process? Answer

PMP Quiz 20 December 2016 You want to ensure that the information you collect showing project progress and status is meaningful to stakeholders. You want to combine the type and format of the stakeholder’s information needs with an analysis of the value of the information. You will document this information in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 December 2016 Assume on your project you have identified 250 stakeholders located in three continents and of these 250, you have determined that 200 of them will be actively involved and interested in your project. Therefore, as you determine an appropriate communication method, your best approach is— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 December 2016 You have heard recently that the client calls your progress reports the “Code of Hammurabi” because they seem to be written in hieroglyphics and are completely indecipherable to all but an antiquities scholar. This situation could have been avoided by— Answer