PMP Quiz 25 May 2017 Assume you are managing the development of a construction project in your city to replace its five bridges so they are state of the art and meet updated safety standards since they originally were constructed 20 years ago. The design work has been completed, you have awarded subcontracts, and are set to begin construction. Today your legal department told you to stop work as you had not consulted them, and there was a critical standard you overlooked during the design process. This example shows— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 May 2017 Often in working as a project manager, it is easy to overlook key stakeholders. Assume you work for a device manufacturer and are working as the project manager for the next generation valve replacement. Your company has been a leader in this market, which means you have a lot of lessons learned available to you. Your project is scheduled to last four years. As a best practice, you should— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 May 2017 Work performance information is an output of control stakeholder engagement. It includes a number of items, one of which is— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 May 2017 Stakeholder engagement involves a number of critical activities. An example is— Answer

PMP Quiz 19 May 2017 You realize that on projects, some stakeholders will not be as receptive as others to your project and actually can be negative from the beginning. Assume you have classified your stakeholders on your project designed to ensure students in your city have access to the best educational resources available, whether in class or on line, your stakeholder management plan is a sensitive document. Therefore, you need to— Answer

PMP Quiz 18 May 2017 The last step in the stakeholder analysis process is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 May 2017 Having worked as a project manager for nine years, you know how important it is to identify the critical stakeholders so you do not overlook anyone who has a major influence on your project even if you do not ever plan to meet with or talk with this individual. As you work with your team, you explain the key benefit of the identify stakeholder process is that it— Answer

PMP Quiz 16 May 2017 A number of items in the stakeholder management plan are similar to those in the communications management plan. An example is— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 May 2017 As you work with your team to prepare your stakeholder management plan, you decided to develop a stakeholder engagement chart. You set it up so you could— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 May 2017 As you work on your project to update its software training classes to focus on an agile approach, you have a number of key stakeholders. As many students and their managers are requesting these classes, your CEO has taken a special interest in your project and has asked you to accelerate your schedule to complete it in two months rather than in your planned six months but still have quality offerings. This means as you work to monitor overall project stakeholder relationships, you should— Answer