PMP Quiz 27 March 2017 All the following elements must be evident in a written contract for it to be legally enforceable EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 24 March 2017 You plan to award a contract to provide project management training for your company. You decide it is important that any prospective contractor have an association with a major university that awards master’s certificates in project management. This is an example of— Answer

PMP Quiz 23 March 2017 Requirements for formal contract acceptance and closure usually are defined in the— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 March 2017 Your company decided to award a contract for project management services on a pharmaceutical research project. Because your company is new to project manage- ment and does not understand the full scope of services that may be needed under the contract, it is most appropriate to award a— Answer

PMP Quiz 21 March 2017 You are working on a new project in your organization. You need to decide how best to staff the project and handle all its resource requirements. Your first step should be to— Answer

PMP Quiz 20 March 2017 As you prepare to close out contracts on your project, you should review all the following types of documentation EXCEPT the— Answer

PMP Quiz 17 March 2017 Recent data indicate that more than 10,000 airline passengers are injured each year from baggage that falls from overhead bins. You performed a make-or-buy analysis and decided to outsource an improved bin design and manufacture. The project team needs to develop a list of qualified sources. As a general rule, which method would the project team find especially helpful? Answer

PMP Quiz 16 March 2017 Because you are working under a firm-fixed-price contract, management wants you to submit the final invoice and close out the contract as soon as possible. Before final payment on the contract can be authorized, you must— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 March 2017 Which term is NOT a common name for a procurement document that solicits an offer from prospective sellers? Answer

PMP Quiz 14 March 2017 When a seller breaches a contract, the buyer cannot receive— Answer