PMP Quiz 9 February 2017 When managing current projects, it is important to use lessons learned from previous projects to improve the organization’s project management process. Therefore, in project closing procedures, it is important to review the— Answer

PMP Quiz 8 February 2017 Your project is using complex, unproven technology. Your team conducted a brainstorming session to identify risks. Poor allocation of project resources was the number one risk. This risk was placed on the risk register, which included at this point a— Answer

PMP Quiz 7 February 2017 The primary advantage of using decision-tree analysis in project risk management is that it— Answer

PMP Quiz 6 February 2017 Which of the following is an example of recommended corrective action in risk management? Answer

PMP Quiz 3 February 2017 Risk score measures the— Answer

PMP Quiz 2 February 2017 The purpose of a numeric scale in risk management is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 February 2017 A recent earned value analysis shows that your project is 20 percent complete, the CPI is 0.67, and the SPI is 0.87. In this situation, you should— Answer

PMP Quiz 31 January 2017 You are managing the construction of a highly sophisticated data center in Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea. Although this location offers significant economic advantages, the threat of typhoons has caused you to create a backup plan to operate in Manila in case the center is flooded. This plan is an example of what type of risk response? Answer

PMP Quiz 30 January 2017 If a business venture has a 60-percent chance to earn $2 million and a 20-percent chance to lose $1.5 million, what is the expected monetary value of the venture? Answer

PMP Quiz 25 January 2017 The simplest form of quantitative risk analysis and modelingtechniques is— Answer