PMP Quiz 04 October 2017 The schedule management plan is a key document. It is— Answer

PMP Quiz 03 October 2017 Decomposition is a technique used to break larger, complex items into smaller and more manageable items. Which following statement best describes the role decomposition plays in creating the WBS? Answer

PMP Quiz 02 October 2017 Recording and reporting information regarding when appropriate configuration information should be provided and regarding the status of proposed and approved changes effectively is done through— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 September 2017 All the following are examples of project document updates from the manage project team process EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 28 September 2017 Which tool or technique is NOT used for schedule control? Answer

PMP Quiz 27 September 2017 If a team member, when facing schedule delays and cost overruns, develops several alternatives for completing the project successfully on schedule and within budget and asks questions such as, “Can we do it?,” “If we do it what are the consequences?,” and “Is it really worth the effort involved?,” he or she is primarily motivated by the— Answer

PMP Quiz 26 September 2017 A number of items may be part of the schedule data for the project. The amount of additional detail will vary, but the data should include all the following items EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 25 September 2017 Project execution must be compared, and deviations must be measured for management control according to the— Answer

PMP Quiz 22 September 2017 Your project is considered very risky. You plan to perform numerous what-if scenarios on your schedule using simulation software that will define each schedule activity and calculate a range of possible durations for each activity. The simulation then will use the collected data from each activity to calculate a distribution curve (or range) for the possible outcomes of the total project. Your planned approach is an example of which following technique? Answer

PMP Quiz 21 September 2017 Which of the following theorists stated that people generally are motivated according to the strength of their desire either to achieve high levels of performance or to exceed in competitive situations? Answer