PMP Quiz 11 May 2017 Stakeholders often have issues, and you have asked each of your team members to document them. At each team meeting, you and your team discuss them and determine appropriate responses. You have a project issue log, which is— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 May 2017 Assume you are actively working, along with your team, to manage stakeholder engagement on your project to develop a new drug to prevent any retina problems of any type. You know you must manage their engagement throughout the project life cycle. This means some organizational process assets will need updating including— Answer

PMP Quiz 09 May 2017 Recognizing the importance of preparing a stakeholder management plan, you met with your team to obtain their buy in and to discuss it. You explained the key benefit of plan stakeholder management is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 08 May 2017 You are responsible for a project in your organization that has multiple internal customers. Because many people in your organization are interested in this project, you decide to prepare a stakeholder management strategy. Before preparing this strategy, you should— Answer

PMP Quiz 05 May 2017 Analyzing stakeholders is a part of the identify stakeholders process. Common approaches for analyzing stakeholders in a qualitative manner includes all the following two-axis grids, EXCEPT— Answer

PMP Quiz 04 May 2017 You are managing a project with team members located at customer sites on three different continents. You have a number of stakeholders on your project, and most of them are located outside of the corporate office. Who should be responsible for stakeholder management? Answer

PMP Quiz 03 May 2017 During your project, you will have a number of different types of meetings. Some will be informational, others will be key updates, and some will be for decision-making purposes. While different attendees will attend each meeting, a best practice to follow is to: Answer

PMP Quiz 28 April 2017 Assume that your company has a cost-plus-fixed-fee contract. The contract value is $110,000, which consists of $100,000 of estimated costs with a 10-percent fixed fee. Assume that your company completes the work but only incurs $80,000 in actual cost. What is the total cost to the project? Answer

PMP Quiz 27 April 2017 Which of the following types of contracts has the least risk to the seller? Answer

PMP Quiz 26 April 2017 It is critical during the proposal preparation stage that— Answer