PMP Quiz 16 December 2016 You have heard recently that the client calls your progress reports the “Code of Hammurabi” because they seem to be written in hieroglyphics and are completely indecipherable to all but an antiquities scholar. This situation could have been avoided by— Answer

PMP Quiz 15 December 2016 Your organization has decided to use project management for all of its endeavors. It has established a Center of Excellence for Project Management to support the movement into management by projects and has appointed you as its director. Since you work in a matrix environment, which of the following types of communications is the most essential for success? Answer

PMP Quiz 14 December 2016 A communications management plan includes which one of the following sample contents? Answer

PMP Quiz 13 December 2016 In project communications, the first step in a written communication is to— Answer

PMP Quiz 12 December 2016 As an output from control communications, it may be necessary to update the— Answer

PMP Quiz 10 December 2016 In person-to-person communication, messages are sent on verbal levels and nonverbal levels simultaneously. As a general rule, what percentage of the message actually is sent through nonverbal cues? Answer

PMP Quiz 9 December 2016 Communication is important when setting and managing expectations with the stakeholders. Which one of the following statements is NOT true regarding the importance of communications within a project? Answer

PMP Quiz 2 December 2016 A simple performance report provides information on— Answer

PMP Quiz 1 December 2016 As head of the PMO, you will receive performance reports for all major projects. You decided to set a guideline for project managers as performance reporting should— Answer

PMP Quiz 29 November 2016 The issue log is useful in control communications because it— Answer