Starting with the Daily Scrum

Let's set the scene: You're involved in bringing Scrum to your department or team. Unfortunately, as circumstances would dictate, you're unable to start your first sprint for a few days or weeks. Where do you begin? This is a challenge many can face, particularly in larger organizations. Of course, during this interim period, the team still has an opportunity to introduce Agile thinking by using the Daily Scrum.

Simple beginnings

The move from other frameworks or methods to Scrum can be quite jarring. Meeting for fifteen minutes once a day is a relatively simple change compared to the other concepts Agile will introduce. This change also provides the benefit of getting the team accustomed to the rhythm of meeting every day. The core three questions can apply to any work, even if you haven't planned an iteration:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. What is blocking you or slowing you down?

Early transparency

Most transformations will run into transparency issues early on. Providing a forum for the team to discuss what's blocking them every day begins building trust within the team. It also helps with identifying the best people for being a part of the Scrum Team. Depending on how new the company is to Agile, there may be some contention regarding who the best people are to join the team.

Foundations of team dynamics

It's never too early to build team culture. In the world of traditional project delivery and product development, some team members can go weeks without talking. The Daily Scrum ensures that the team has the right platform to encourage stronger interactions. Those interactions lead to building trust and ironing out personality differences between team members. Often figuring out how a group of people will work together will be half the battle.

Because of the political landscape or other circumstances, some companies will be slower to adopt a new way of working. The Daily Scrum is a simple, low-risk way to introduce some of the core Agile concepts to any new team. In most cases, the best part is that a team can hold the Daily Scrum the same day they decide to adopt Agile.


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