PMP Quiz 19 April 2018

During acceptance testing on a customized software project, it is determined that, in order to provide value to the customer, several additional features and functions must be added. This change in scope will be assessed in integrated change control to determine possible impacts on other aspects of the project. As a result of this change in scope, any of the following are likely to change except:

PMP Quiz 18 April 2018

A project manager is working on her first project, developing an automated navigation system for a newly renovated public recreational facility. She is feeling a bit overwhelmed and seeks the advice of her mentor as to where she should start. The mentor emphatically recommends she begin by identifying the stakeholders on her project. Which of the following best describes stakeholders?

PMP Quiz 17 April 2018

You are nearing the end of executing and monitoring and controlling on your project. Reporting so far has shown that interim deliverables have been completed on time and within the allotted budget. Many team members believe the project work is all completed, and your most recent reports indicate as much. What is the best way for you to ensure the project work is really complete?

PMP Quiz 16 April 2018

All technical work is completed on the project. Which of the following remains to be done?

PMP Quiz 13 April 2018

Which of the following is the highest point of Maslow's hierarchy?

PMP Quiz 12 April 2018

Which of the following is the best order of topics for the seller to negotiate?

PMP Quiz 11 April 2018

A project manager is assigned to a new, high priority project. There are only five available resources because other resources are already committed to projects. The time available to complete the project is less than half the time needed, and the project manager cannot convince management to change the end date. The project manager should:

PMP Quiz 10 April 2018

The installation project has a CPI of 1.03 and an SPI of 1.0. There are 14 team members, and each team member had input into the final project management plan. The customer has accepted the three deliverables completed so far without complaint, and the responsibility assignment matrix has not changed since the project began. The project is being completed in a matrix environment, and there are no contracts needed for the project. Although the sponsor is happy with the status of the project, one of the team members is always complaining about how much time his project work is taking. Which of the following would be the best thing for the project manager to do?

PMP Quiz 09 April 2018

A seller on your project tells you he no longer thinks the project will provide the benefits he wanted when he signed the contract. Because of this, he does not believe it is in his best interest to continue. What should you do first?

PMP Quiz 06 April 2018

Which of the following best describes the project manager's role relating to changes?